Honestly, I think $30 is too much :/ Some of us don’t have that much money to spend on just sketches, I’m not trying to be a douche. Maybe 20? Without the flat colors?

Bitches..I commission artwork and I NEVER haggle over the price because it’s rude and disrespectful. I have most definitely paid that much for sketches. In fact add another Benjamin to that amount, especially if it is the work of an artists whom I admire and whose work inspires me.

Heaven help you if you got a hankering to commission a sculpture or stained glass, a mosaic – or a bronze like I have done. If you can’t stomach having to maybe save to buy something that you love and enjoy and hand down as ART – then don’t even bother to waste their time by asking. Artists deserve compensation. They should not be expected to price their creations for your convenience.











sorry nuuunununu.  30 $ are 22 € for me and 20 $ are 14 € .  sry not sorry.

Yeah, do not go below that. What people really need to understand is that commissioning art isn’t some sort of human right or anything. It’s a luxury thing. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Artists need to make sure that it’s worth their time. Don’t try to guilt them into lowering their prices when they’re already as low as rubzow’s are.

$30 is nothing. Your sense of self-entitlement is not grounds to beg for things you refuse to pay for.

Why do people even do this? It’s a luxury, i.e., something you don’t need. If you can’t afford it, don’t complain to the artist, don’t try and haggle with them. Your money problems aren’t their concern. Go try and find an artist doing $5 bust commissions or something. Oh, what, is their skill not good enough? Too bad. There’s a reason art costs what it costs.

the fuck? who pays 30$ for a sketch? I could understand paying that much for a full-color, glossy drawing, but for a simple pencil sketch? Whoever charges that much for a small black and white sketch is out of their fucking mind.

Um yeah, $30 is too much for sketches. I don’t give fuck how good they are, but thats too much. 

I’m not trying to start shit or anything, but it seems as though A LOT of artists are charging nowadays. They used to do it for fun, ya know? Like, for other people to enjoy not for a certain cost. I UNDERSTAND if they need to make a living but c’mon, if you’re NOT a legit artist or a cartoonist or something. Get a job.

Cuss me the fuck out for this, idfc.

Broke bitch parade, lmao.
Just because you’re talentless and therefore can’t grasp how much actual effort good art takes doesn’t mean it isn’t a “real” job.
You’re just mad people can make money off their skills and you can’t.
“I understand if you need to make a living but I don’t care because I’m an idiot”

This pisses me off so much. You people choose these artists to make something for you so you obviously think their work is awesome or something. You don’t understand the what goes into these sketches you want oh-so-badly! If you’re getting a physical copy, you NOT ONLY have to take into account the materials used (paper materials, inks, paints, whatever) but the fucking time these people put into their work. It may be a sketch, cell shade, ect but this sort of thing takes um, EFFORT, to draw even if it looks like it was effortless. Artists spend hours and hours, day after day and year after year to make their art even better than previously.  And even if you’re not getting a physical copy, those people are taking time of their busy day (often after or before their day job if art alone cannot support them, or taking time away from their families!!) to draw your fucking commission. 

You chose these people for their talent. Talent in the real world is worth the amount these artists are asking for. Average people may not think like this, but those jobs you see that make your billboards, your magazine covers, your book cover art, they come from these people. Those jobs are highly competitive and sought after. 

They’re only asking for $30.00 when they could be doing jobs like these that pay loads more. If you can’t afford their talent, shut the hell up. 

For srs I paid $45 for one of Lisa Hunt’s “Spirit Drawings”: 

Spirit Drawing 41

It’s hanging up on my wall in here and it was worth every damn penny I spent for it because I adore Lisa Hunt’s art and she spent the time to draw something just for me). For srs STFU.

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