Being a writer, I am always interested in writing tips and subjects that other writers can benefit from. Below are some really excellent ones.


These were the posts you wanted to see in 2013. Your favourite posts were divided them into three categories: writing advice, reference and resources for writers, and general posts. 

The Top 21 Writing Advice Posts

  1. Creating Characters – Five Mistakes Beginner Writers Make
  2. 123 Ideas for Character Flaws
  3. Search and Destroy
  4. 10 Essential Tips for Writing Antagonists
  5. Six things alcohol taught me about writing
  6. Why your story needs a theme
  7. Improve your writing skills by reading different genres
  8. Five instances when you need to tell (and not show)
  9. The Top Five Useless Phrases in Emails
  10. Heroes and Anti-Heroes – What’s the difference?
  11. 10 Things Aspiring Novelists Should Know
  12. The Top 10 Reasons to Write Short Stories
  13. Rewriting – A Checklist for Authors
  14. What are the rules of Write Club?
  15. The Top 10 Tips for Plotting and Finishing a Book
  16. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Writers
  17. Basic Plot Structure – The Five Plotting Moments That Matter
  18. Talk Show — How to let your characters tell their story
  19. Plotting – 10 Basic Dos and Don’ts
  20. Five things to do before NaNoWriMo starts
  21. How to write great dialogue

The Top 12 Writing Resources

  1. Body Language Reference Sheet
  2. Personality Disorders
  3. 209 Words To Describe Touch
  4. 50 Iconic Writers Who Were Repeatedly Rejected
  5. 10 Famous Authors Who Used Pen Names
  6. Nine Writing Jobs
  7. 17 Authors Being Honest
  8. The Writing Habits of 31 Famous Authors
  9. 51 Grammatical Terms Explained
  10. Writers of Substance (Abuse)
  11. The 12 Common Character Archetypes
  12. Synonyms for 95 Commonly Used Words

The Top Nine Miscellaneous Writing Posts

  1. The Top 10 Literary Quotes About Coffee
  2. How to survive a relationship with a writer
  3. November is NaNoWriMo
  4. Banned Books Week – The 10 most challenged titles of 2012
  5. What if Emily Dickinson attended a writing workshop?
  6. The Top 20 Literary Quotes About Short Stories
  7. Writers Write Reviewers Choose Their Top Books of 2013
  8. Short Story Competitions
  9. November is When Your Novel Happens

From Writers Write

The Top 42 Writing Posts of 2013

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