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Reposting this here since WordPress and Tumblr are not on speaking terms today.

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Josephine McCarthy – Walking the Path

Josephine McCarthy (Littlejohn) is someone I consider a friend and a teacher of the highest order. She has a number of books and has just launched a blog that I believe would be of interest to magic(k)al folks, witches and even Kemetics. Her latest post really speaks out about those who have been bilked by various gurus and “systems” that are widely available.

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Africa191There is no shortage of people in the world, and especially online who want to worship or honour the Kemetic (Egyptian) gods or Netjeru. You would think after 20+ years of Kemetics being online they would have tried to build alliances and make bridges without the petty infighting and holier than thou bullshit that gets handed around like last year’s Christmas fruitcake.

Let me state at the outset before I say anything else, that I have no grand vision of being “in charge of” anything. I am not here to take anyone to task or to fight with anyone else. This is not some half-arsed attempt on my part in order to get students or for me to become a guru of some sort. I am flat-out not interested in such things at all. Been there, done that, and I donated the T-shirt because it wasn’t “me” anymore. I’m just like everyone else in that I am committed to the culture, the history and the religous ideals of Ancient Kemet. I am not an accredited Egyptologist. I fully acknowledge that I am here by the grace of Sekhmet and the generosity of many, many talented sebau (teachers) and to them I am eternally grateful and I refuse to dish or diss on any one of them.

Lately I have noticed increasing factionalisastion going on within the Kemetic landscape. In the years that I have been blissfully far removed from the jealous infighting, the petty backbiting, hubris and ‘witch wars’ that seem to be part and parcel of the so-called Pagan “community”, I have watched those traits migrate here. After 20+ years, I am exhausted.

So, that being said, I am going to do everything in my power to establish a list of various Temples, Shrines, blogs, organizations, information resources, etc. because it is absolutely needed. If anyone thinks I am doing this for any specific organization, guess again. I’m not. Sekhmet has given me marching orders 1) finish the book and 2) establish the network because honestly, the Pagan Community and the Kemetic Community in specifics deserve at least a modicum of respect, in spite of the differences between us and it’s time that this happened. It is long past time, to be honest. This should have been done some 20 years ago, but for whatever petty, ego-driven, any other set of reasons, it did not transpire. It’s going to happen NOW.

We are bigger than this. We should not (still) have to be listening to the petty, catty, bitchy, in-fighting that goes on for no good reason. There are no good reasons why we cannot do this. If I have to kick ass, or become some sort of pariah, ostracized or called out for being a Kumayah, Pollyanna Kemetic, so fucking be it! We are long past done playing at this. It’s time to do it.

Still have doubts? Let me spell it out:

It’s about, GOD, or the Gods (plural) and our relationship to them, people!! Get OVER it! We all have something to contribute and we NEED to be doing that in the interests of Ma’at. I am not interested in hearing the arguments against such a thing moving forward. I will not give credence to he said / she said, petty grudges from years ago that happened on Usenet, Ancient Worlds, or Tumblr. There are no more excuses, so don’t bother bringing them up to me. It’s time for all of us to ask ourselves, each and every one: “WHY the fuck are you here?!” We collectively need to take what I call the Janet Jackson Approach and ask ourselves, ‘What have YOU actually DONE for the God(s) lately?! What have you done for yourself lately?!” After answering those questions honestly, the next question to ask must be, “What’s stopping you? Who do you think is preventing you from doing it?” If we fall into the temptation to start to point fingers at anyone else than the man or woman that is in the mirror, then I encourage each of us to remember that with that pointing of fingers, there are still three other fingers and a thumb pointing right back at us.

I will write this up in more detail in a bit, however, if anyone imagines that I am doing this to step on toes or encroach on their “territory”, they need to take a step back. This is solely about trying to take a cursory census of who thinks the idea of a collective of those who are bound by the things that we believe and hold dear is more important than the ongoing factionalization that we have been suffering from for over 20 years.

Playtime is over. It’s time to STFU and get to work. If you want it, well then each of us needs to determine just how much and what we are willing to do in order to achieve it.

Excuses are boring. Let’s get to it.

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Kemetic Round Table : Heka . . . ‘vuh Headache

Reblogged from Shadows of the Sun:

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Heka is one of the most difficult concepts to explain within Ancient Egyptian religion. It is a concept that is very hard for Westerners to understand, given that our Modern conceptions (false or otherwise) of the…

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Kemetic Round Table : Heka . . . ‘vuh Headache

My friend Sarduriur has written of the most thorough discussions on the concept of what heka is and what it isn’t. Grab a cup of coffe, sit back and enjoy a nice long read.

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Anam Cara means “Soul Friend.” Anam is the Gaelic word for soul and Cara is the word for friend.In Celtic tradition, an Anam Cara is a teacher, companion or spiritual guide.

With the Anam Cara you can share your innermost self to reveal the hidden intimacies of your…

My friend Jaye and I used to write that her muse and mine were Anam Caras of each other. I love this definition and John O’Donohue talked about it in his book, “Anam Cara” as well.
Anam Cara.

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January 26, 2014 · 5:37 pm

Reblog if you are a witch and/or a pagan who:


  • is accepting of all religions, including Wicca, Christianity, and Satanism.
  • Is accepting of witches who curse.
  • Is against stealing from other cultures.
  • Supports LGBT* pagans/witches/people
  • Supports POC if they are pagan/witches or not.
  • Isnt an asshat

Lets prove that there are more awesome, not asshat-ish pagans/witches out there than the obnoxious few that fuck with our peace!

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Stick-gods ~ Horus vs. Set

ROFL! This is our house!

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January 24, 2014 · 1:39 am



Written from a Kemetic perspective, and incredibly well done. Another great response to the article can be found here.

What I would like to ask the pagan community on tumblr is this: 

  • If there is truly no chance of anyone ever reconstructing X ancient faith, then why do we have so much pre-tense on remaining historically accurate?
  • And on the same note, what does the increasing prevalence of UPGs in the community mean for the development of our spirituality as a whole?

[speaking in broad terms – fully knowing of the variance in pagan deities]

Surely our Gods have developed since the ancient times, as we see this development everywhere in ancient texts. But if this is the case – and as a pagan culture we are not unified by an orthodoxy – how and where can we find common ground with other people of the same faith [or worship the same deity]? I’ve found that UPGs are vital for my own developing spiritual life, however I also feel that the same can be said for everyone yet we may each work with ‘different aspects’ of the same deity [if we both worship the same deity]. 

These are just some things that have been bothering me. Just read these articles today, so expect more posts as I develop my thoughts on this topic. 

If there is truly no chance of anyone ever reconstructing X ancient faith, then why do we have so much pre-tense on remaining historically accurate?

For myself personally, I believe that history serves as a foundation. We need good foundations to build off of.

And on the same note, what does the increasing prevalence of UPGs in the community mean for the development of our spirituality as a whole?

I believe that its more related to people being more open about their UPG. I think UPG has been going on for-ev-er. But now people are talking about it.


I like equating all of this to fanfic, I really do. History is the “canon” of the religion. And some of us coming in are going to be making stuff that is really close to canon. ANd some of us are making some more.. AU stuff. And some are writing fanfic that includes new things. Some of us are going to agree, others are going to say “that character would never do THAT”. etc. And then you’ve got people who only keep the names the same- but place these Egyptian deities in the jungle where it rains every day and everyone shoots rainbows out of their asses and has an orgy every Tuesday… which is really far off of canon.

ANd there is friction from all of that. Some things are easier to accept than others. Some things make more sense once you’ve got the context, etc.

Lots of factors. KRT is actually discussing this this month- so give us two or three weeks and you’ll be able to read some stuff about it XD

As a Kemeitc and as someone who has written a great deal of fanfic in varous fandoms, I would have to say this is one of the most accurate summings-up (is that even a word?!) of what it is like in the #kemeticfandom
Ancient Civilization and How it Manifests Today

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January 23, 2014 · 11:52 pm


(There are too many depictions/mergings with other gods to pick from, and I could see people confusing him with Horus…so I went with something a bit different. 9_9

Don’t mistake him for Aten; Aten would literally just be the sun. No stick-body for Aten. >:T)

I wonder if the artist would be up for the challenge to depict all 70-odd different manifestations of Ra. That would be impressive! 😉

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January 22, 2014 · 3:45 am