The True End of Privacy As We Know It

In our digitally connected world, we are experiencing ever increasing erosion of our personal privacy. Every aspect of our lives is becoming an open book to our employers, our governments and even complete strangers who certainly don’t have our best interests at heart. In the ‘perfect world’ that tech companies such as Google would make, we could no longer use pseudonyms to protect ourselves from those who would do us harm. Personal safety and security is not their concern. Cashing in on what marketers want revealed about your private life is.

Blogger Mark Hurst at has given us a glimpse of that world that is sugar coated with the latest in tech aps. The prospects are frightening. I do confess: I like my Gmail and G+ and Google Calendar. However, the thought of someone with contact lenses being able to record conversations, etc. without the other person’s knowledge or permission is an invasion of privacy in the extreme.

The Google Glass Feature No One Is Talking About

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