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State of the Scribe & The Muse

I’ve been long away.

After stating the obvious, I think my reasons for having been so far away for so long is school, work and the day to day concerns. I am finishing up the next to last semester before I transfer to the University of Iowa for my Bachelors. Yes, I am still in communications / cinema arts. With all of that, it has been very hard to write any of my muses, not just here on LJ but also on DW and even Pan Historia.

The Muses, Fanny, Caroline, Jocelyn, Melek, Archy and the rest do speak, but they feel muffled in the face of the day to day. My dog, Marissa has been dragging out my book, “The Writer’s Block” off the shelf repeatedly. I think she is trying to emphasize that writing is good for me and for everything and everyone else around me. I haven’t been entirely idle. I have written a bit more on the Sekhmet book and added more text to the Rune book. If I can figure out all the bells and whistles on Scrivener and how to get things formatted successfully to KDP, I should have one or the other or both available for Kindle over on Amazon. The fiction, however, is a bit slower going. I still hunger to do a piece set in 17th Century France – as Lee and I had discussed. Her schedule and mine, however, have not been cooperative.

Writer’s Muses will be going on, and I am sorry that it has been so neglected. I have been going down the list of prompts and posting them over to DW and to Pan. The next few weeks should be interesting. I have a lot of stuff to get out that has been backed up for some time! 😉


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