The Politics of Blogging

Being a blogger and a woman should not include death threats as part of either job description. A friend of mine over on Google+ pointed me toward a very interesting yet very chilling article yesterday. The author talked about how being a woman, being gay and being popular online can get you into all kinds of trouble. This was mainly due to the bad behaviours of the jealous, the bored and socially inept that are mostly threatened by tech-savvy women bloggers. This is particularly true if that woman blogger is successful. Some of these wonderful voices are in fact being permanently driven offline.

The following is an article that you should pass along to all that you know who write a blog. We need to get the word out, of course. But more than this, I would love to start a dialogue about it the issue.

Death Threats and Hate Crimes, Attacks On Women Bloggers Escalating


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