Instead of NaNoWriMo

I am still in school, just past midterms for fall semseter and I seem to be doing ok. Now to get caught up on my French homework and get my various video and print projects done! Rae, one of my professors, says that I really must like to “haul ass” as she put it. Heh….well, I can’t really deny that! 😉 I just am trying to get my last year or so of credits finished and geared toward my final area of study at the University of Iowa. Unfortunately, however, due to some using state’s film credit program and abusing it, our governor halted it. More can be found HERE.

All that political mess aside, I just got a call this afternoon from Geoff, the EP for Waterline Entertainment. It seems that we have a couple of things in the offing.

First, we have retained the services of an enertainment lawyer to go over a couple of contract issues we had with Route 66. It seems that either the Director or the (so-called) cinematographer has footage that we bought and paid for, plus expenses that either one of them has yet to cough up. All that is left now is the editing. I am waiting, Geoff is waiting, either one of us can do it. Both of us have or access to both Sony Vegas and/or Final Cut Pro to finish it up, package it and get it through post production then it will be submitted to the various festivals. If neither one of them coughs up the goods, that means it is very likely that Geoff and I will go on the road and reshoot the whole damned thing and then sue the two little bastards for the $8500 worth of goods and services that the investor put money toward that the two of them failed to provide.

In other words: I. WANT. My. F***ing. Footage!!!

In other news, and in the interests of not violating the non-disclosure agreements that have been absolutely insisted upon, I can only say it will be big. The author of the work we want to do is legit and we have exclusive rights. The script is being worked on now….so no NaNo this year, I’m afraid.


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2 responses to “Instead of NaNoWriMo

  1. Oh, good grief. Why are they holding on to your footage?

    • The only thing I can think of is because they went on the road with contract IN HAND but failed to get it signed and back to us. They claimed there wasn’t time! Closer to the truth, I think they will claim copyright and put out their own coffee table book etc. as we expected to do with this since there is nothing but a verbal at this point. *rolls eyes.* From now on; no signature, boys and girls, NO MONEY!!

      *head desk*

      Actually it is more like we will likely NEVER work with another out of company director or cinematographer again as a result of this. They both were so reliable, or had reputations and we did check them out. *shrugs* Well, word travels, I am afraid.

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