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OOC: Finals

I must apologise for not having been around. Between school, part time work,film stuff, getting an eBook finalised for publication to Kindle et al by tomorrow, Temple stuff, inluding Wep Ronpet (Egyptian New Year)I have been sort of swamped. I promise that prompts will be more consistent and I will be commmenting to friends more. Some have unfriended, and really that’s alright. I do understand. I’ve been quite admittedly oblivious! 😉

As of 5 PM today, I will be finished with finals for Summer Semester. I am not sure that I will do Summer Semester again next year. Most of what I have left to do for my degree in Communications / Media / Public Realationsis only available in Fall and Spring. Summer just seems the time for electives at my school.

If I do decide to, it will be something with my favourite professor, Dr. Robinson Yost, or his wife Dr. Laura Yost. In spite of having to work my proverbial and literal ass off, I get a great deal out of what the both of them have to teach. Unlike the direction that most college professors take, these two want to make sure that you have read the material – and in so doing, you get bonus points via reading quizes each day. So even if you completely blow a written exam, you can have accumulated enough bonus points to still walk out with an A or B. That, and the two of them travel extensively and are very generous with their time and advice – if only student grow a pair and ask. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about the things that I have learned from them. Certainly in my historical fic on Pan Historia, I am using some of the things we covered and the methods that we used in class, as well as having gotten some ideas for a portion of a screenplay I am currently working on.

As of this moment, I just have to do a write up for the eBook work I did for my Special Project along with a copy of the eBook, and I just have to turn in my final critical analysis paper, which I am not going to spend a whole lot more time on. The reason for this is because the professor has been nothing but exasperating. As I posted on my FB page, I want to tell him, “No, you may not rewrite the standards of APA and MLA to suit yourself. I don’t care if you are the professor. Changing the rules every time you feel like it in order to make yourself feel superior is generally a sign of insecurity rather than someone who is as clever as he imagines that he is.” I swear, I have never had a professor more vague and mercurial – even the crazy ones. I shouldn’t let myself get upset over it, but it is frustrating when the requirements and the whims constantly change.

Alright, back to my analysis and conclusion statement!


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