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Quick Update

I apologise for my continued absence. Believe me when I say it is not apathy. I do try to glance at LJ once in a while, however, with less than 20 days in the semester, two papers due, four final exams and three production projects in the offing – one of which has got to be well underway by Tax Day, April 15th as the crew goes on the road to film the documentary until the end of the month – my world is insane. Apparently I am just one single credit hour away from being what is considered “overloaded” by the school’s standards. :-/

But I did manage to get my taxes done.

I realise that there are those that don’t have the patience to hang in. That’s ok. I completely understand. If I am not posting and commenting, then it is natural to do some spring cleaning of your friends lists.

I also realise that I have not done prompts for a couple of weeks. They will be updated this weekend.

Many of you and your families are in my thoughts and prayers. Some are going through some really rough times, and I honestly do not know how you get up in the morning and face it all. I am thinking of you, I am reading when I can.

Stay safe, stay sane (if you can), and know I will be back when I can.


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