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Tired but in a good way…

I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening on the production crew of my college’s student productions. We had a double-header basketball game that was being televised live. So I spent the day setting up, being in the control booth, switching, graphics, techinical direction and then teardown. It was a hell of a lot of fun, not to mention the game was Kirkwood (my school) vs. Iowa Lakes, 96 -83, in favour of our school. Very exciting game, but fast-paced in the booth, too! I have to say I LOVED it!!

When I got home last night I was absolutely beat. I tried to sit up in bed with my laptop and write but I was just waaayyy too exhasuted! So for anyone whom messaged me on IM’s and had me being unresponsive, I apologise. It seems that the Pirates of the Land of Nod abducted me and carried me away to their lair, where I dreamt of cameras and Michael Kitchen. (That’s what I get for falling asleep while ‘Foyles War’ was on, I think! 😉

Today is filled with doing assorted mundane tasks at home, studying for my history class – which is turning out to be much tougher than I thought, because the professor is very specific on how he wants us to take notes, etc. and getting the prompts done for along with other assorted household things I’ve missed doing all week, like shopping for food! 😉

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Writer’s Block: Obama drama

I honestly did not get to see the State of the Union address that President Obama gave last night. I just happen to be one of those displaced workers that is over the age of 40 with no insurance and one that has gone back to school to try to adapt to the world that has obviously changed. I missed the address because I was studying for a test. At any rate, I have to say that I think that the current administration really does not bear responsibility for my lack of a job or the state our current economy is in. It was due to a compounding of many issues, and I realise that. I count myself as fortunate because I do know what my options are and I am going to make the best of what I can with what I have.

I worked for Dow Jones for the last four years and I can say that if people had any idea how incredibly close we came to losing it all, as in it being a far worse economic situation than they realise, I don’t think that there would be nearly as much bitching going on as I have been hearing in every quarter. Given what has happened in the financial sector, and the outright rape and pillage that has been going on here and abroad for at least the last ten to fifteen years on Wall Street and via corporations and the super rich, blaming Obama is like blaming your doctor for you having gotten sick in the first place when you ate the junk food, smoked the cigarettes, and indulged in all the other bad behaviours. Come on! How realistic is that?

It’s far from realistic to expect one man to fix a situation that took more than a decade to create in his first year in office. He’s inherited two wars, a recession, record unemployment due to outsourcing, a real estate bubble that burst big time, trillions of dollars in deficit from Dubya and Dick Cheney. Not to mention how much the U.S. lost its face in the world at large under Bush. And yet, so many of the mis-informed or under-informed people in the U.S. just expect Obama to wave his hand and make all that disappear in the first year. I would like to see someone, ANYONE ELSE in the world go up against those sorts of challenges and do it in a fashion that has everyone having warm fuzzies.

I did vote for Obama this last time, and he was not my first choice. But given the choice between he and the other alternative, I voted for him and am happy that I did. I will most probably vote for him again – especially if Hillary continues with his Cabinet as Secretary of State.

I think people really need to get more informed outside of their own sphere what is going on and really try to understand WHY we are in the current state that we are as a Nation. In this era of constant instant communications and where everything is “on demand” people need to get realistic about what government can and cannot do, how fast it can happen and how much they should be involved and give a damn about the process outside of their own little self-created and self-contained little worlds.


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Munday Survey Says….

Attitude in relation to authority figures

Faelyn being High Lady and Queen of the Fortunate Island thinks of herself as an authority figure. As long as she agrees that that person or institution has equal or greater “authority” than herself things are fine. She is, though, a diplomat and can play the subordinate and the suplicant if it is to her calculated advantage to do so. She hotly resents the Christian Church, particularly the Catholic Faith, but she sees many protestants as being far worse in their subjugation and exploitation of women. She won’t be overt in her undermining those authorities, but she does work covertly in achieving her objectives.
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Quick Update

School is FABULOUS! I love, love, LOVE my classes! (Well, except for algebra, but we won’t talk about that. That one I had to take. *pout*)

Everything I am doing is hands-on, production, script writing, lighting, camera, graphics,etc – all that and history, too! I am SOOO happy you cannot begin to express it. It is a little bit crowded, a little bit harried being a full time student carrying 18 credit hours. So, I know I owe reps, and I should be able to get to them all this weekend at the very latest. I will try to pick up some tonight after I print out my coursework. Anyway, I am just so squeefully happy I can’t stand it; even when most of my classmates are young enough to be my kids. It doesn’t matter. There are a few of us oldsters in there who finally said, “fuck it! I’m doing what I want to do with the rest of my life!”

That and there are jobs in production all over the place when I get out!


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Interview Meme, borrowed from sunnotshadows

Here are the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you 5 questions of a very personal nature.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them 5 questions.


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Musty esoteric words frantically murmured over flame
Bleak catacomb depths that house the vain attempts
To win back from death’s unfamiliar territory
A heart’s rejoicing light
To win is the soul that somersaults gladly
Reminiscing is dancing where Mortality once lay polluted.

Written over at Pan Historia for a contest where we had a few words we had to include. It got noticed but I wanted to crosspost it here.

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OOC: Mini Rant: How NOT to Write All Things Kemetic (Especially Fiction) 101

I posted this on Pan Historia this morning. I have had more than enough. seriously. I also see this crap on the House boards, not just by guests and newbies but by those who should know better – had they been paying attention in Beginner’s Class! *note to self* Bigger drill bits to pierce the extra-thick craniums next class!!

I have been involved in ancient Egyptian religion for a very long time. I have studied the hieroglyphs on and off for about 25 years. I am by no means a master of any of this. But one thing absolutely drives me into FITS and indicates quite clearly to me those who grasp the concept of the religion, and those that just sort of use it as an overlay to what they think they already know.

cut for those who have no interest in such things


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