Friday Five

5 Reasons you would never ask your friends for advice.
1. They are not Fae or Sidhe and would not understand the perspective.
2. They are Immortal in the same way that I am.
3. I trust myself.
4. I handle things my own way.
5. They usually seek me out for advice.
4 Things you do with your money.
1. None.
2. Of.
3. Your.
4. Business.
3 Reasons you should possibly see a shrink.
1. None.
2. Merci
3. Beaucoup.
2 Places you will never forget.
1. The Fortunate Island – my homeland.
2. France – my husband’s homeland, and my ‘other’ homeland.
1 Language you can speak
1. One? I speak at least nine proficiently. Oh, alright……Sidhe.


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2 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Signora, if I might — you really must try seeing a shrink. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to debase them of the notion that they have any claim to being as arrogant as they think they are. It can be a bit like spearing fish in a barrel, but — ecco — some nights are duller than others.

    • I have been seeing this ridiculous couple who bill themselves as ‘marriage counselors’. *disdainful sniff* Their constant prodding into things that are none of their affair has all but put me off of the very idea. But I have to confess, I never looked at it the way you suggest. Perhaps you are right. I would love to disassemble someone on the very ground they think that they know ever-so-much about.

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