ROTM 2009.33D.20 – Photo prompt

If I were a book, I would look like this.


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12 responses to “ROTM 2009.33D.20 – Photo prompt

  1. “You were always on my mind…. you were alllwayyss on myyy miind…”

  2. “Someone left it on the porch… Someone lefft it onn the pooorrch”

    • Darn it! Ya stole my line, Robin! *g*

      So YOU have the bottomless bottle of tequila! I’ve got the salt and limes! Last one standing wins! 😉

      • You don’t want to get involved in this game with me. There’s Sicilian and Irish in me. Good drinking genes.

      • I didn’t say it would be me! But you’re right. My father’s Cherokee blood thinned out all my good French and English genes. I am a self confessed lightweight. 😉

      • …who else would it be?

      • I figured you would be the last one standing. Three shots of tequila, and I can barely see.

        BTW, thanks for the offering you posted last night on protecting little ones. That was very good.

      • Oh, thank you! It was fun to write; a good walk through the annals of the folklore society is always good for inspiration to an article.

      • I would agree with that. Would love to pick your brain on some of your source material. I just sort of dig here and there and come up with things but you seem to find some very good sources that are not too common.

        Speaking of: I sent you a PM about purchasing your books and the best way that this would give you the most dosh vs. handing it on to a 3rd party such as Amazon, etc. Please forgive me if you have posted it somewhere and I am just being thick.

      • No, I finally found it; I seldom see or use that inbox. Any way you purchase my book will get me about the same reward, so order it in whatever way you like; fastest, or whatever- and thanks for asking.

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