Munday – Ignorance is Bliss

Without going into too much detail, I can say that Fanny’s life is going to detonate in ways that she cannot even begin to imagine. In spite of all of her imperiousness and thinking she has done all the right things for all the right reasons, her world is about to be turned inside out upside down and backwards and absolutely anything that meant anything to her at all is going to basically be snatched out from under her. After all the manipulation and machinations she did to get her husband, Sebastien (all_forme) back from the Realm of the Dead, there will definitely be a price to pay.

Fanny has absolutely no idea that her daughter, Caroline (faery_ring and Stelios (immortalsparta) are most probably going to elope, so she won’t get that chance to plan their wedding for them. And no matter how much manipulating she tries, I doubt if even she could get grandchildren out of that deal. Not only is Stelios a Highlander type of Immortal – but neither particularly want children. Nor is Fanny aware that her youngest daughter, Jocelyn (faedefrance) is being actively pursued and seduced by her old “friend” and fallen Angel, Azazeal (1st_of_the200) and that he has some pretty ambitious plans that are going to be the catalyst of rending poor Fanny’s world apart.

Am I tempted to tell the Muse? Hell NO! I am rather going to enjoy making her life miserable for a little while. No doubt other muses such as nomanselizabth will definitely like to be out front more even as the Head Mistress of the Cranium is wallowing in her misfortunes. Even her own children and Anam Cara, Hsu Danmei (civ_barbarian) are pretty much going to leave her to her own devices to stand or fall.

Revenge is sweet. šŸ˜‰

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  1. I remain generally computer-less and thus unable to keep up with Fanny’s daily doings, but checking in from a library computer, I am tickled to see that you remain as merciless a writer as ever! *hugs* I wish poor Fanny all the best, and hope you’re doing splendidly!

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