89.1 Ways to Kill Time

1. Sex with Sebastien
2. Chess with Sebastien
3. Write in my book.
4. Gossip with Ninon
5. Weave more Magick
6. Make more herbal mixtures
7. Prepare for Henry & Anne’s arrival at the Château de Rochefort
8. Cook
9. Read
10. Travel
11. Walk in the Woods with Amarante
12. Draw or Paint
13. Write To Hsu
14. Exasperate Andy
15. Embroider
15. Play Human Bingo with Azazeal
16. Give the the Almighty another what-for (I hear that gives Him migraines…such a shame!)
17. Devote time to Jocelyn’s training
18. Plan Caroline & Stelios’ wedding for them
18. Initiate my cunning plan for insuring grandchildren from Caroline & Stelios
18. Call Marius and see what new and interesting ways we can torture Metrobius
19. Send an anniversary ‘gift’ to the Seelie Queen and King and show them what Unseelie generosity is all about.
20. Balance the books for the Château de Rochefort enterprises


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21 responses to “89.1 Ways to Kill Time

  1. I am… a way to kill time, mon amour? *eyebrow raised* *blink*

    • Even you have to confess, mon amour, that we sometimes lose days at a time when we are together. Between ourselves, I think we are serial killers of time just on our intimate activities alone. *grins*

      • Days, weeks, oui.

        Serial killers of time itself. I do like that concept, mon chere.

      • You see? We do not even count the hours nor the days or weeks that we spend. Although, I do suppose the servants get a bit anxious if it is too many days that they have to slide food under the door. *soft laugh*

        *lingering kiss* Oui, I thought that you might.

      • The servants know better. At least the ones that count do. Which else would my breakfast teas stop being earl gray and start including such things as Yohimbe and Epimedium?

      • *laughing* Ever since Amarante heard that Yohimbe was used in Africa for ritual orgies, she seemed to develop a sense of humour about using it in your morning teas.

        Not that you would ever need such….enhancements. One would almost believe she wants to see you get me with child yet again. *smirk*

      • Would this be why she combines Yohimbe with Horny Goat Weed? Oui, I know it’s name, and now, thanks to your protege, I am very aware of it’s taste as well.

        And here I was under the impression that she was calling me an old goat, in her subtle, sneaky reserved manner.

        But it is not what she wants, Faelyn. It is what you want that matters to me.

      • *purring* Well, you are a Horny Goat, so she definitely has you there. Not that that…tracing a line over his skin with a finger* could at all be construed a complaint, Sebastien. I am ever-so-grateful I have a husband whose appetites match my own. As for knowing the taste: surely you are not implying you would ever need such enhancements in order to keep up with me! *teasing smile*

        *She grows quiet and is thoughtful for some moments* I would have another hundred children of yours if that were to be your wish, Sebastien. But somehow I think after Jocelyn, there could never be another that could occupy your heart nearly so much as she does. As you are for me; you are her sun and moon.

  2. Good Lord, Frances. My mun is deficient today. She could have sworn that the list said ways to kill me and not ‘time’.

    …may I kill her now or after we torture Metrobius?

  3. I look forward to your letters, always.

    And I can send MacDonald over, if you’re in the mood to exasperate. *smirk*

    • And I look forward to yours as well. I know you think that your letters are not so grand, but whenver I received one from you it kept me going.

      I am always in the mood to exasperate. *smirk* All kidding aside, Andy is very patient with me. We Rocheforts have come to value him almost as much as your household does, Hsu. With such impeccable references on his side, how could he not?

  4. Anytime, Faelyn. And I’m surprised I’m not further up the list.

    • Well, if you were to perhaps show up more often, then you probably would be. I really should punish you for ignoring me so blatantly. *looking at her fingers, obviously feigning a wounded indignance*

      However, to be completely honest, I really was not thinking about the order of appearance.

      Is there not some sufficient bit of trouble we can cause in which to give HIM another migraine? There is something rather gratifying in that.

      • Ignore you? You know how impossible that would be. Besides, I would never want to do that, I’ve known you far too long. I’ve just been…distracted.

        You are right, as usual, most gratifying. I think together we could cause him a migraine of epic proportions, and it has been a while since I’ve created trouble for Him. Directly, at least. *smirks*

      • Distracted? I just wonder by what or more specifically, by whom? *raised eyebrow*

        I found a lovely little spell that starts Angelic moulting season early. Maybe things might be a bit dicey for Him if all of His top enforcers were suddenly unable to fly. Seems rather fitting, do you not think?

  5. I make to-do list all of the time. I hope achieve your activities and don’t waste too much time

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