OOC: Clarifications

In case anyone is wondering, I have had PC issues for the past two (2) weeks. That means I have been downloading, configuring and re-loading software onto my main machine. Yes, I have a laptop, no I don’t really like to use it as much as my main machine. This is mainly because it is a difference of approximately 30 WPM 60 vs. 90 WPM. Come on, which would you choose? Yeah, I thought so.

So, for the record:

No. I am not ignoring you. I do confess there are days when I might like to place some of you on ignore, but for the most part I am very good about responding to people. Two (2) weeks ago yesterday I wiped my entire hard drive due to a malware / virus called Skynet. There is no easy cure for this except to reformat the HD. And when you make backups, it likes to hide in places where you don’t suspect it so you reinfect yourself or infect a backup PC. Be very careful with this one. I am on dialup so I have been running this thing nearly 24/7 on a connection that gets 44.0 Kbps maximum.

No. I have not forgotten about the Rep that I owe you and your muse. I promise I will get to it when everything starts to settle down. This should be any minute now.

Yes, we missed a week of prompts on . We posted them Monday. This Labor Day Weekend is our Second Anniversary and rhis is the first time in two years, btw, that we have missed posting prompts. My suggestion is to simply deal with it. Real Life happens.

Yes, I do have IMs via Trillian back up and operational on my main machine. IRC is a bit iffy for Kemet chats, but hey. I will figure it out. Now, if I could just remember the “perform” commands that I used to have upon connecting to the server.

No, I do not have logs from the past that I can get to. That should be fixed soon, however.

Yes, I was able to save my nearly 60 GB of iTunes and get them of my PC from my iPod – thanks to a little program called Copy Trans If you have an iPod, spring for it. You won’t be sorry.

Tweetdeck has not been downloaded yet. No Tweeting for me for nearly a week. Sorry all my #followfriday friends. I miss you all.

Conversely, my browser (Safari) that is dedicated mainly to Facebook is also not re-loaded on my machine yet. I will get it ASAP. Until then you all will have to continue on in that vapid space without me. 😉

If I have missed anything, please *gently* let me know. The next person who hurls accusations of my not caring or “being a bad friend” will be forced to go through exactly what I have gone through in the last two weeks and see how their stress to life ratio measures up. My guess is that there are few who would be able to go through this much better than I have.

One good thing, I have more HD space because I got rid of all of the programs and stuff that did no one any good at all. That part feels great. 🙂

That is all. 🙂


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9 responses to “OOC: Clarifications

  1. Sorry to hear that some people are making your virus-recovery time miserable. If any of them follow you here, you have made multiple posts about what you’re going through, so people ought to be understanding.

    I’m quite looking forward to seeing your writing again but I am fairly sure that I can be patient until things are up and working again.

    When I lost most of my music from a very bad HD crash some years ago (which ate a lot of my writing that I didn’t have backed up), my iPod was the only source for much of the music I had lost. iDump was a free program that I came across that lets you transfer files from iPod to PC. It’s a bit fiddly with having to enable hidden files but apart them that, it worked a treat. It’s also an option, not that you need it any longer.

    Nice to have you back!

  2. People were giving you a hard time, jeez!! Getting a computer up and running again after having to reformat a hard drive takes time. Though I’m glad you found a way to transfer your iTunes.

    You know that you can take all the time you want and need, I’m in no hurry. Besides, this has given me a chance to catch up a bit! *ggg*


    And a Fassy icon to put a smile on your face!

    • I think that people are generally self-absorbed and oblivious to anyone else if it doesn’t really pertain to them and their own advantage. The transfer process was pretty painless. It took about an hour and a half for the thing to backup the ipod and then import them back into iTunes.


      And OMG! You give me a Fassy icon with tongue showing after that recent interview. OMFG! @#$*#$$ My brain just went eh’SPLODEY all over again!!! Gah, that man is sexier than the law should ever allow! 😉 If I ever do get him in a film, Im gonna be a pile of goo on a daily basis, I swear!!!

  3. Speaking from my own experience, I know how reformatting goes. Maybe some do need a little lesson on having their hands tied (and obviously that isn’t the kinky kind I speak of).

    Glad to see you’re making some progress on that and hmm Copy Trans, eh? I’ll have to check that out! Thanks for the tidbit 🙂

    I say, if those that are insensitive enough to rag on you for not being around, they can suck it up and accept that things happen both in RL and in PC land.

    *Big Hugs*

    • Speaking of kinky tied…or spanked LOL! Faelyn is missin’ her Da! 😉

      I actually tried several different copy suites, this one is the best and most seemless. Just make sure you do the purchase. For $39 you cannot go wrong.


      • HEE! Da misses his Faelyn! I’ll be around alot today, so we must connect at some point today or this weekend. 😉

        I’ve jotted it down and bookmarked the site. Must wait until payday though, but I need something to back up my music. Thanks darlin’.

  4. I swear, people are just morons, sometimes. Like anyone is a bad friend because their real life is being crazy. *eyeroll*

    Just when I think that people can’t possibly be anymore arrogant, rude, selfish, ignorant, nasty or obnoxious online, they go and surprise me.

    *hugs* You know that I never mind waiting, and I’m thinking about you. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

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