Snagged from moonvoice & ambitious_woman

Compliments are a great way to boost a person’s self esteem, they can raise your spirits when you’re down and just generally make a person feel good.
So… leave me a complimenting comment! Am I a good listener? A good writer? Do I have mad rambling skills? You can make my day with just a few nice words. Then, be sure to post this in your own LJ so that others can do the same for you!


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15 responses to “Snagged from moonvoice & ambitious_woman

  1. You are nine shades of awesome and uber-cool! I love that you never mince words. 🙂

    • Thank you, Awi! And might I say you totally rock in a kilt – (and in red chiffon evening gowns, too!), and I personally do dig your French accent, even if it is Canadian French. 😉

      BTW…did you know that the word, “awi” is “very” in Egyptian Arabic? I thought that totally interesting in relation to your name.

  2. Well, your writing is epic!

  3. You are a good listener and someone who is very supportive of others when they are down. You’re an excellent writer — I still can’t believe that no one would fangirl Fanny very much until I started to like mad, years ago. She’s so wonderful.

    You have great RP ideas, you are patient with others, and you have always made me feel welcome in various comms. So, thank you.

    • I always enjoy when you stick around after IRC events. Your conversation and willingness to answer questions made me very comfortable in my first weeks as a Remetj.

    • I am humbled by what you say. Thank you very much. You were my biggest fangirl other than Jessie and Lee.

      I like good RP, and I like compelling stories – besides you and are always thinking up very nice, very sexy pieces for our perusal. BTW, congrats on your mini-Tammy wins! *hugs*

      • You’re welcome so much!

        *blushes* I was never into the sexy stuff as much until recently, so hopefully it’s coming out okay! Thank you, and congrats to you, too! *hugs back* You deserve the wins and more recognition, period.

  4. You are creative, inspirational and a wonder in general; and that you invest so much time into awakening and inspiring others is just amazing. I am so glad to have met you. 😀

    • Considering how astute you are yourself, and how deep your own writings and teachings are, I am very humbled by that statement. Thank you for that! I am very grateful and excited to have met you, too, and you make it so I cannot wait to see what insights or artwork you are offering to we your avid readers next! 🙂

  5. Friend, close companion, writing partner in ‘net’ crime (so to speak), inspiration, setter of only the highest standards and lover of imagination. UBER Cool, so to speak. You are awesome.

    • *Hugs you tight* Thank you, Sweetie! You are my bestest buddy and I absolutely adore you!! I keep expecting to have you come over any day, it seems like. It’s a damned shame we are seperated by so many bloody miles!!

      And really.. WHO ELSE do you know who has woken up to a dead guy for you?! 😉

  6. I believe that you are one of the few writers on LJ who doesn’t use people and then toss them just on a whim. You are wonderfully gifted, and you have tremendous integrity. Your support of Manda during the idiotic mess that went on was truly classy.

    • Thank you for that very, VERY much! *hugs*

      In my view, writing is supposed to be fun. Writing partnerships need to be a whole lot of Golden Rule and co-mingled creativity. Integrity is one of those words that if I can maintain it, that means more to me than the talent aspect.

      Manda has never deserved half of the b.s, she’s gotten. Even when I haven’t totally understood where she was coming from, or had not wistnessed it directly, there is nothing in my book that warrants treating everyone with any less than respect.

      • Precisely. She made mistakes, and so did I. We all did. But the abuse heaped on her was vicious and cruel.

        Your sense of class and honor is an example to people. On top of that, you are a brilliant writer.

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