Meme from Everyone. And the Lady’s Scribe just shakes her head….

I have a head for business and a Faelyn for sin.

Which movie was this quote from?

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10 responses to “Meme from Everyone. And the Lady’s Scribe just shakes her head….

  1. And people say these memes are always so inaccurate! *grin*

    • Yes, indeed.

      You know, I had a feeling this particular result would draw a response from you. I am glad to see that some things remain beautifully constant. *smirk*

      • I just hate to disappoint.

      • Liar. *knowing smile*

        Oh, I know. So what have you been up to, Azazeal?

      • *just smiles back*

        Oh you know, same old. Just trying to find some entertainment. Yourself?

      • *suppresses a yawn*

        You know what they say: those who are so often bored are themselves rather boring. What do you think? *tease*

        Actually, it is rather easy to get bored when there are so few, who, if you put a paper bag over their heasds could find their way back out again. Intellect and tenacity does seem to be rather in short supply.

        I am teaching Jocelyn those things which she needs to know as my heir – dealing with Chateau de Rochefort business and breaking the hearts of old paramours, thank you very much.

      • *laughs* I think that you don’t know me as well as you think if you believe me boring.

        And considering that most humans are as you so succinctly put it, it does rather limit one’s outlets. Still, their inability to see little more than what is in front of them (and sometimes not even that far) does create some temporary amusement.

        I know she will be the perfect student, and I’m pleased to see the matter of your successor settled. And I’m almost sorry I missed you dealing with your old paramours.

      • *stretching luxiuriously* I never said that I believed it of you.

        There are rare exceptions – usually humans that by one means or another have attained either godhead themselves or some level of immortality. Clues have a longer chance to actually sink in, I think.

        Oh, you didn’t miss it. In fact, I’d rather be willing to bet you had an active hand in shoving the situation into that direction – but no matter. It is far from important.

  2. How wickedly appropriate, mon chere.

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