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1. FIVE memorable moments with your best friend and one you would rather forget

1. The night we met at the Court of King Richard III. The affinity between us was instant, but it was not until later that each of us learned what the other one was. Everyone, including me, knew he was married and had eyes mainly for those with fair hair. But we proved that sometimes social conventions and assumptions can be quite incorrect.

2. Hsu being in France to help deliver Caroline. He had been away for a very long time in the British Isles and in Holland, but he made it just in time.

3. Even though he was an SS Colonel, I was secretly glad it was Hsu who took up residence at the Chateau de Rochefort rather than some other German officer. Later it was he who helped me to either hide the family heirlooms in the catacombs or ship most of them off to Switzerland even as we pretended he was looting from us.

4. Having my youngest daughter, Jocelyn at the tender age of four announce to an entire room at Hsu’s ranch in Switzerland that she was going to marry her godfather. No one spoke nor made a sound as she regally walked across the room, and then promptly crawled up into his lap and fell asleep in the very territory that she had just claimed as her own. Hsu was wonderfully gentle and indulgent with her.

5. The night that I finally told Hsu that if I could have done so, I would have moved Heaven, Hell and Earth to have given him a son. I think it was that night in which he finally understood why I asked him to be the Godfather of my daughters. I had many reasons, but it was my way of giving him, albeit indirectly, that which I could not have provided for him otherwise.

And the one to forget: Hsu once was teaching me how to ski. I do not like snow, and I certainly do not favour Winter. I did, however, indulge my friend and ended up breaking the skis and getting hopelessly tangled up in underbrush on that mountain in Switzerland. It would seem the only bramble bush in the area and I found it. The cuts and bruises on my skin healed quickly, but my ego was rather sore for many weeks afterward. Every once in a while, when he is being particularly stroppy, he does continue to remind me of it.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 401


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OOC: Frustrations Abound

For the last week I have been fighting a rash of viruses on my desktop PC. The worst, and most insidious one is the Skynet malware virus which hides and is a real pain in the butt. Im tired of spending money to find things to detect and remove it only to find that it is making the problem worse. I am ready to nuke my whole hard drive at this point. So right now, looks like it’s going to be much fun this week.

Now to back up some 60 GB of MP3’s from iTunes and my writing files. Is there an easy way to do this?

And if anyone has some good, difinitive advice on Skynet and its eradication, it would be greatly appreciated. At this moment, Ive spent days reading and Im not finding any answers that are worth a damn.


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Have you ever kept important information from your partner?

How realistic of a proposition to you think it would be, Doctor,for me to come out and tell my husband that in my unending efforts to bring him back from the Realm of the Dead that I wittingly or unwittingly made a bargain with a Daemon? How understanding do you imagine he would be at this confession if he were to find out that this ….being is probably solely responsible for his existence, our daughter’s existence and, in fact, me being who I am? Yes. I am quite sure that would go over famously.
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To Like or Not To Like….

Do you like your character(s)?

Presumably, you love them, or why would you write them, yes? But let’s say for a moment they were real. Are they someone you would want to call a friend? Or would the traits that make them a fabulous fictional character turn you off like hell in real life? (See: Dr. Greg House, just as an example…) So, could you be their friend? Their roommate? Their employer… or employee? Or would you just throw up your hands in disgust and write them off as impossible?!

fannyfae – I have said this so many times, but I really do take dictation for this woman. Fanny was originally based off an ancestor of mine, and I do tend to like most of my ancestors. Some of them can go hang, but Fanny has proven to be useful in very many aspects including writing, magick, herbalism, business, etc. She can be rather formidable and really quite intimidating. She is far more quiet than I myself am and is far more careful with her thoughts and words as well. I sometimes am frustrated with the depth of her obsessions toward her husband. She can be so very exasperatingly arrogant in one moment and then turn around and be so benevolent and kind it is almost like dealing with two people at times. Fanny / Faelyn helps me but she is most definitely the boss of her journal and stories, and forcing her to go into places she would rather not go has in the past proven to be disastrous – so we do not do that anymore! I think of her as a wise confidant and there are times when she reminds me of several magickal and herbal teachers I have had in the past.

sekhmet_mrytamn – This is definitely a character that I created way back over fifteen years ago for Ancient Sites / Ancient Worlds & and later Pan Historia. The difference between Sekhmet and Fanny are like night and day. I genuinely like Fanny – I am definitely not to crazy about this Character / Muse. She was born into the very high Egyptian Nobility, she lives vicariously through her husband, Tjeti whom she pushes to become Pharaoh. With the exception of Marius Sulla, she absolutely despises Romans. She really is not very nice, but she seems to think she is. I tend to think she’s a self-righteous, manipulative little bitch. I probably would make it a point not to be where she is and avoid her if I could.

nomanselizabth – I do very much like Elizabeth. However, she is a very, very difficult Muse to write. The historical Elizabeth Tudor was a frighteningly intelligent woman who had gone through such horrific abuses as a child and had to watch her very dysfunctional family disintegrate on so many levels over such a long period of time. Elizabeth is an astoundingly complex woman who has both her father’s and her mother’s formidable tempers. She was an incurable flirt, vain, ambitious and she was prone to indecision. The question of finding a husband and heir raged for the whole of her reign and I know that she was absolutely resolute that she would rule England alone, which in the male dominated sphere of Europe, was unheard of. Elizabeth challenges me every time I sit down to write for her, because getting her voice just right is important. I have seen other authors try and fail miserably…and I really want to get it right for her sake. She is sure to let me know when I don’t, however! 😉

faery_ring – Caroline started out quiet and she always felt a whole lot forced to me as a writer. I intensely disliked that feeling, so I set her aside. Then something just clicked with her when I put her in the right time period with the right writing partners to play her off of and she just blossomed. I love her gentleness. I love how feminine she is. I have to admit, I was somewhat concerned that life was going to take her, chew her up and spit her out. Then came the day that her father did something horrible to the man she loves and she hit back with such a force that it surprised everyone – including me. I am very grateful to the muse immortalsparta and his wonderful scribe, who have really been instrumental in helping Caroline evolve into who she is now.

faedefrance – Jocelyn Ysabetta de Rochefort has been so much fun! I give full credit to this fun to the muses of all_forme, who is Jocelyn’s father, the Comte de Rochefort, and 1st_of_the200. Azazeal, who is a Demon and largely responsible for Jocelyn being able to come into being. Of course, Fanny will never admit to this! I think some of the most fun I have had with this muse is in her childhood stages, decimating Musketeer cookies with her father, and having tea and cookies with the Demon in extra large cartwheel-sized tea hats! Jocelyn is still evolving – she is definitely her Papa’s daughter, even though she is the spit and image of her mother, Fanny. I like to imagine that this is what Fanny would have been like had she not lost her mother at such a young age and had her childhood essentially stolen from her. I’d like to think that this is how Fanny might have been had her father loved her as much and as openly as Jocelyn’s father undeniably loves her. Fanny’s father had to be forced to acknowledge her. Jocelyn’s father can barely be persuaded to let her out of his sight for even an instant! I like how she is developing over time. I like her as a person and cannot wait to see how she turns out.

sheldonsandscia – Sheldon Jeffrey Sands is an asshole. More than this, he is a sociopathic asshole. Like most sociopaths he can be can be very charming. He is extremely intelligent. Sheldon’s sense of ethics are very fluid, depending on the situation at hand. He is a highly trained CIA field agent. My version of Sands has gone way beyond Once Upon A Time In Mexico. I like him…kind of. I certainly do not trust him and no one in their right mind would trust the son-of-a-bitch, because he is so far from trustworthy! His banter and way with words really is rather amusing, but he is such a jerk, I don’t think I could ever turn my back on him. My nickname for him is “My Little Chaos Agent.”

t_rainsborough – Thomas Rainsborough is my newest muse. He is probably the most gentle and contemplative muse I have ever written. Oh, he is a warrior, make no mistake. Historically he led the Levellers against the Monarchy in England but he is just so…..disgustingly good natured! I am not sure what to do with him! Thomas has a pretty good idea, however. He is a socialist, in a more American Indian sense of socialism than what he had in mind when he was fighting King Charles. I am learning a great deal about him. I do like him, but I am often fearful that he thinks an ideal weekend would be to go to work for food at some commune somewhere in the San Gabriel Mountains or up in Canada or something! I am not averse to this, however, if you put this guy at Woodstock, he’d definitely fit. I am not sure if I can imagine him ever saying the word, “Groovy!” He is absolutely enamoured of Amarante (sunnotshadows) and looks at her as if she is some sort of Demi-Goddess or Spirit of Nature – but it isn’t lust that he looks at her with. It’s is this reverence that I am completely unsure of how to describe because I just have not seen any muse of mine act this way, especially toward someone whom they could potentially be involved with. Certainly he has been sexual with both men and women, but his sentiments toward Amarante is something completely different.


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Protected: 86.5 Make a list of people who you like to confide in.

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Protected: A Birthday Wish!

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Protected: OOC: Weird Dream Stuff… (Crossposted to journal)

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– Thursday: Journal Entry

For more than four hundred years I had been obsessed with getting Sebastien back from the Realm of the Dead. For that entire time, I sought, searched, experimented and continuously failed.

Then came the day when all was in alignment and I had all but given up. Azazeal had offered a suggestion, just a mere suggestion, moved my elbow in the Rite and even in a somewhat delayed reaction, all that I had aimed for in those centuries came to fruition at last. And as if to affirm that what we had done was right, and just and necessary, Jocelyn Ysabetta was conceived. Sebastien could not have been happier. Continue reading


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Snagged from moonvoice & ambitious_woman

Compliments are a great way to boost a person’s self esteem, they can raise your spirits when you’re down and just generally make a person feel good.
So… leave me a complimenting comment! Am I a good listener? A good writer? Do I have mad rambling skills? You can make my day with just a few nice words. Then, be sure to post this in your own LJ so that others can do the same for you!


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Meme from Everyone. And the Lady’s Scribe just shakes her head….

I have a head for business and a Faelyn for sin.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:


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