TM – #279 Schadenfreude

Does the man not realize that you cannot order another to not fear something or someone? Captain Myngs has done his level best by me, but convincing others to obedience regarding such an issue is not realistic. It is particularly not realistic where men are concerned, for they have a tendenceye to kill what they feare and they feare what they do not understand. May all of them get what they deserve, including Myngs! I have my owne agenda, Sir, to be sure. . On board your ship, one way or t’other I shall do my best by you, but I have my owne fixt intent.

All the while we were taking on supplies and preparing for our departure, I did my worke but I also studyed Myngs and his crewe. Most of them did not care much for having a woman on boarde, and others still were even more afraide of my being a Wytch. I need only fix them with a long stare, or a half smile and they turn their eyes from me, whispering prayers ‘neath their breath. Their fear was a tool to be used, and if I coulde but earn the smallest bit of their trust, then I could turn it all to my own advantage. Beauty is as beauty does – and like the Great Ladies of Avalon I woulde use it well.

Myngs is another story.

He watches me, his eyes filled not only with the paine that I know he feels in his body, for I see that in his walk and hear it in his voice. I do not need to use my seconde sight to discern that. I see the hope that somehow my skill as a healer, my reputation as a Wytch, and a Mambo can cure him. And yet…and yet, there is more behinde his eyes. I have seen this look before, I have watched it fester and growe in other men just as surely as their cock grows more turgid and pronounced at nearly the same tyme! Do not think me immodest for saying such things, for I am telling the truth. The truth of Myngs and his lecherous nature n’er needed to be explained to me. My owne awareness of his nature was sure enough. Mind you people not only tell us who they are by their wordes and actions, but by how they weare who they are out in front of themselves. Its like announcing your presence, and Myngs’ announcement was clear as a summer day to me! And I would be lying if I did not explaine that I was more than a little pleased with his discomfort and those things in his life that had gone awry. I took great pleasure in it.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 461

This is from a much earlier piece by Fanny. Therefore, her spelling here is Olde English.

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  1. I like the cadence of your writing.


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