Wednesday – Iconic

Searching through my images and I have a few, none other than the one below the link is more indicative of who I am, and what is at the core of my Being.

I am not in one nor the other place, but rather always in both – and sometimes neither at all. I come and go between being Human and being Fae; or being Sidhe and being Scottish. I stand upon the Earth, and the Seven Realms of Existence are also my domain. The sense of wonder never leaves, because it is endless, ever changing and always filled with possibilities.


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4 responses to “Wednesday – Iconic

  1. I want you to know, I looked at that and quite simply fell in love. It is now my desktop image, so I can look at it all of the time.

    Thank you for showing me this, its… breathtaking.

    • I am glad you liked it! 🙂 I also just now posted the link to my Twitter. I forget where I got the image, and I am sure it is a Photoshop or similar rendering that superimposes two pictures. Not sure which nebula that is. But I think it’s great that it is on your Desktop! It’s on mine, too! *g*

  2. That’s the Eagle Nebula, in the Serpens constellation (some 7000 light-years from Earth, so yes, the trees is a seperate image photoshopped in!). It makes a gorgeous composite though, and is so perfect for Fanny it might have been created for her.

    • Thank you! I had no idea which nebula it was, so it really helps me to know that itis the Eagle Nebula. Fanny/Faelyn is someone who would almost believe that it was created for her.

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