71.5 – Make Your Own List

Things I said But Wished I Had Not

  • I wish I had not said, ‘Yes’ to Athos; but it was hardly either of our faults.
  • There is very little else I ever regret having actually said. I tend to be far too deliberate in that area.

    On the other hand, however…..

    Things I Did Not Say But Wished I Had

  • To King Louis XIII and his Court: “No. In spite of what you all think, Athos and I are not getting married. I am in love with another.”
  • To Cardinal Richelieu: “Stop staring down my bodice, Your Grace. If my husband knew, you would be dead.”
  • I wish I had asked Sebastien to marry me, rather than waiting for him to do so. Perhaps telling him that I was in love with him would have sufficed.
  • “You are my Anam Cara – but I am appalled at how you treat your son at times, Hsu. Do you not remember what you went through to get him back?”
  • To Morgienne: “It is my sole ambition to kill and supplant you on the throne, Madame.”
  • To Azazeal: “Do not pretend with me, you pretentious ass. I have always known what you are about.”
  • To Napoleon: “Do you think for one moment that I am impressed with you, ‘Little Man’? Hardly.”
  • To the Inquisitors: “Why yes, you could very well say that I am a Wytch. Now what are you going to do about it? And do you really want to go there?”

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    2 responses to “71.5 – Make Your Own List

    1. OOC

      Hsu is growling at the idea of her saying that to me, but that just comes from his reluctance to be criticized by anyone…even her. Though he would get over it. 🙂

      Azazeal, OTOH, is just laughing.

      • Re: OOC

        He can growl if he likes. And you know what she said in my head since I told you over the phone:

        “Obviously, you have overestimated your ability to intimidate me, Mon Ami”


        As for Azazeal, at least they call each other on how they are.

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