OOC: For those of you who have been erroneously de-friended by this journal

It has been brought to my attention that this journal has somehow defriended some folks without my knowledge. I am about ready to go postal on LJ and it’s “services” right now. I paid for a bloody permanent account, I buy time for others…HOW DARE these ba$t@rds! screw with my LJ!

Anyway, if it has happened to you, let me know and I will correct the issue.


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9 responses to “OOC: For those of you who have been erroneously de-friended by this journal

  1. Huh. There were a couple of people I could have sworn were on my flist that suddenly turned out not be, and I assumed it was because I’m a flake, but maybe it’s this thing too? *pokes LJ suspiciously*

    • Exactly. Which makes me wonder just how long this has been going on!I am not at all happy with LJ right now. All these bells and whistles they add and they can’t even handle the features they have now!

      • I think LJ must have made coding changes, because I’ve just noticed that whenever I reply to anything, it suddenly has “Ø The reproduction is prohibited in any form” added to the top of it.

  2. It is an annoyance when these things happen!

    I just wanted to point out that this post is locked and those that may have been defriended and unaware of it yet, won’t be able to see it.

  3. OOC:

    I love you, remember our plan to get married and live happy ever after?

    It’s happening, soon we’ll be on the love train.

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