– Munday Prompt

1. Who was your very first character? What happened to him/her?

I have had so many characters throughout my life. I cannot remember them all. The first one I wrote with any regularity was Sekhmet Meritamen (sekhmet_mrytamn) over at Ancient Sites, now Ancient Worlds, and later at my own site, Pan Historia and here on LJ. Sekhmet has been through a series of online “novels”, most notably “Qenbet” (The Court) and “En Intw Djerw Henet (The Limit of Art)”, which both were set in Ancient Egypt. In Qenbet I killed her off because of an intolerable situation with a couple of mods who were control freaks and took to pre-approving all entries that went into the storyline in order to make sure that our characters, “did not show any signs of treason in what we were writing”. In short, it was a case of a very good group of writers gone to two very bad moderators and censorship at its very worst. My cohorts and I staged a death scene for all of our characters. I believe there were six of us in all that decided to walk over the situation. This I later re-adapted and put in the Highlander-verse to continue writing her. She’s much quieter (thankfully!) than Fanny is.

2. Which character are you really into writing for right now?

I mostly write for Fanny Fae. I have her in quite a few storylines as I have the whole of history from 1444 onward to play with. We are having alot of fun in a WWII era RP group that is just getting off the ground. I have about three or four very good muns and their respective muses that I really enjoy playing with and the muse enjoys interacting with. We take the storylines wherever they will go and we have fun with it – and none of us have any thought whatsoever about time constraints, etc. We all have real lives and we all take that into consideration for any given collaboration. I am also enjoying getting to know Fanny’s daughters, Caroline (faery_ring) and Jocelyn (faedefrance). Writing a precocious seven year old has its challenges, especially when her favourite playmate is a demon! I am getting back into writing for Elizabeth I (nomanselizabth) after she went quiet for a bit. Right now we are in the research stages.

3. Which character that you no longer write for do you remember fondly?

Aisha Khatib – who is just on hold. She is actually a part of a screenplay called “Tango Cattivo” that I have out there making the rounds right now. She is a Lebanese woman who gets caught up in the crossfire between her father’s business and those of his competitors. It’s sort of a thriller / modern day terror thing. I have let Aisha go with love knowing that if she needs a sequel, she will get one. I don’t think I can say that I miss her, because she was always not quite so comfortable to write. I’ve never made her a character here on LJ. Another one that I miss is Jeanne Crowe. She ran a bed and breakfast in New England with her sister Nina called the Crowe’s Nest.

4. Have you ever killed one of your characters off? How hard was it to do?

Yes. See above. Sometimes you have to kill them off in order to just to get closure in a bad situation. Some were easier than others to kill off. The hardest one I killed off was a cop, Michael Burns, who was always trying to do the right thing – even though he probably knew that in the end it was going to get him killed. He had a wife and kids and a dog and it was kind of hard to sort of do the whole aftermath of a life wasted for a reason that was less than ideal.

5. Do you ever feel guilty for all the trouble you have caused / will cause your character?

Hell no! I absolutely loved trouble and gossip I caused for Sekhmet over on Ancient Worlds when I wrote her in a very compromising bathtub scene involving the site’s King of Babylon. It scandalized the entire site in that even though we were not all that explicit, we wrote it completely enough so that people’s minds created a far steamier scene than what had actually happened.

As for Fanny, I never feel badly for the troubles that I cause her. (See icon for details) She is tough enough to take it all and bounce back. I think that is because she knows exactly who she is and makes absolutely no apology for it – and she is arrogant as hell. Given who she is, what she is and whom she hangs out with, I don’t believe that the trouble is ever is too much of a surprise to her. What really gets her in the end are the blows to her ego or if she cannot quite control a situation entirely. I currently have a plot cooking with another mun involving Fanny’s youngest daughter that is going to pretty much pull the rug out from under Herself. It’s good when you can make a strong character absolutely vulnerable. And as her long-suffering scribe, I can tell you that I am going to enjoy every damned minute of it!

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