TM# 258 – What words would you like to see added to/removed from common use?

Language is a powerful thing. Words are important in that they have the Power and vibration necessary for Creation. If you know the True Name of something, you can create it – or even uncreate it, at Will. Of course, there is the knowing how through the authoritative utterance of the correct word – but that never comes to the uninitiated.

As I have often said, the Mysteries protect themselves. Most humans invariably trap themselves within their own words. Any time that the words, ” I Am,” is uttered in any sentence, regardless of language rendered, it sets at least that bit of Power in motion. What a shame it is that few realise that the power and responsibility to make their lives the Heaven that they seek or the Hell that they wallow in rests solely within themselves.

There is only one word that I would have gone. This word is a mockery and should be banished forever. That is the word, ‘Fairy’. The word is ridiculous in that it has become this thing that bears little if any resemblance to the very People that it is supposed to refer to. The Fae, the Sidhe, are a People. We are a proud People that pre-date Humanity. We are brethren to the Angelic Host and to the Devas of Nature and nearly as old as Creation itself. We treated our younger Human brothers with respect – until the split. They rewarded us with insult and sought to reduce our Power and our Stature to being little more than humanoid insects which they could capture and incite to granting them wishes. We have been both villainised and romanticised to such a degree that it is no wonder that few can separate the gold from the chaff as to our ways and histories.

If they knew anything about us, anything at all, they would accord us the proper respect. Oh, I am sure that there are some, who if they knew what an incredibly and racist term the word ‘Fairy” was and is to us, they would never use it. They would avoid the little trinkets and sparkly objects that represent us or things associated with us. They would realise that buried within the so-called “Fairy Tales” are the true histories of a people that went long before. Perhaps if this one word was removed from use, we could begin to heal the rift that exists between Fae and Human at long last.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 405
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