OOC: (Shameless Plug) Don’t know what to do with yourself while LJ is down tomorrow?

I just got a note in my email box that informs we LJ users that the site will be down for four hours TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 18, at 8:00 a.m. PST. Are you at a loss as to what to do in those four hours? Then come check out a site that is geared especially toward writing and RP and best of all…..NO WANK!!!

www.panhistoria.com who will you be today?

This is a site that I am co-owner of and we are always looking for good writers and roleplayers. Basic membership is free. Some of the features to be enjoyed are: :~:Instant Messaging:~: :~:Who’s On Line panel:~::~:Home Messages:~: :~:Customizable Homes & Profiles:~::~:Web Space:~: :~:Site Currency:~::~:Forums for Discussion:~: :~:Writing Workshops:~::~:Site Newspaper:~: :~:Avatar Shop:~::~:Story Play Novels:~: :~:Multiple Characters Logins:~::~:Character Blogs:~: :~:Private Salons:~::~:Reference Books:~: :~:Awards and Contests:~::~:Member Banners:~: :~:No Commercial Advertising:~::~:Entirely Member Supported:~:

A lot of your friends are already there, so come check us out!

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