Monday: Write a letter to your pup

Dear fannyfae,

I am very glad that you have decided to be more forthcoming with the story of your early life in these last few weeks. I think that perhaps you could write a thank you note to the Grigori who helped along that process. No doubt he would be even more chuffed than he already is in taking credit for how you and your life turned out.

I understand that you are loath to share headspace with Elizabeth and your daughters, but even you must admit it is great fun watching things blow up around you. At present I know that you are just a wee bit bored. And when you are bored, Madame, you tend to stir problems. Poison, kill maim, all you like, but the fact is that you are not the only one sharing the loft, as it were.

If you do not move aside, I fear that nomanselizabth will start screaming, and you know how bloody loud she can get. Don’t worry about Jocelyn just now. Azazeal’s mun assures me that nothing untoward has happened, or is likely to happen…..yet. The Daemon is perfectly fine with long term storylines – and intends to take his time. So you may rest easy for now. No doubt, however, Jocelyn is going to need to have a little talk from you, her mum, to learn out what he is really capable of. The fact that she thinks he is better than her very own devil’s food cake is going to be no help at all. Goddess help you both if when her father gets wind of this!

In short, these next months are going to be rough for you, and I fully expect you will fight me for control of the situation. Alas, the storylines are no longer just yours or ours any longer, but are being shared with other pups and muns – and so, Madame you are going to be forced to play nice. You can pout if you want to, but I have a feeling it isn’t going to do one damned bit of good if you do. My advice is to just buck up, Buttercup, and take your lumps like the rest of us.


Your long-suffering scribe

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