TM #250 – Write page 57 of your 300-page autobiography.

four cities of the Fae. These are Gorias in the East, Finias in the South, Murias in the West and Falias in the North. There is, unbeknownst to many, a fifth city that exists within the centre of them all, heart shaped, absolutely hidden, and is quite central to the other four. This centrally located city is only spoken of as being the Glen of Precious Stones. The way to this place is necessarily secret, as is its True Name – just as the Fortunate Isle itself is hidden from the view of mere mortals. It is no wonderment to me now that the stone I was given in the forest on that windy day when I was four, a heart-shaped, uncut emerald, alluded to that very place. It took me another twenty years to ascertain what it meant and to actually reach the Glen of Precious Stones, but the gift had been with me since the beginning.

Each of the Seven Realms of Existence must not only had to be perceived but traversed before I could enter any of those cities, indeed the Fae Lands at all. Morgienne herself never was able to reach the cities, though she coveted being able to do so for the whole of her life. The Sidhe, neither Seelie nor Unseelie, though they dealt with her, never would allow her to pass through those realms and undertake the journey. These worlds are like jewels, exquisite and shimmering, lambent and mysterious. I remember that when I first entered them, I moved slowly and was joined by one of the Host, the King of the Goblins himself. I took in each and every detail with a hunger, as if they were something to feast upon. I found that if I glanced peripherally, I could actually see much more than if looking at something directly. The King studied my concentration and had appeared visibly amused by it.

All the while we were picking our way through the lush gardens that were neither completely in form and never completely disappeared, I would smile and caress some of the plants, or place my hand upon the gnarled and ragged trunk of a tree in a gesture of greeting and respect. The path or what was to even be considered one, wound through the forest that was paved with stone. I heard birds and the cries of strange beasts that sounded unlike any I had ever heard before, yet curiously, this did not fill me with any sort of trepidation.

Glancing up at the horizon I saw the a great structure even from this distance seemed quite imposing. Atop the mountain the Castle of the city of Gorias glittered like a pearly gemstone with tiny surfaces of peacock iridescence. The towers were not like those of castles back in Scotland but more like the spires, domes and minarets of the distant Eastern lands of the Indus Valley. The structure seemed far too beautiful, even for for this place. As if it had been plucked from the imagination of some Eastern Princess and put there within this world that was little more than vision, and yet much more than light upon shadow or reflection upon water.

The wind, that smelled of juniper and the deep earthy scent of moss and forest floor blew my hair against my face as I walked deeper into the well appointed gardens that were quickly becoming forest along a trail that seemed to stretch into nowhere and everywhere at once. The frustrating twist and coil of the pathways that seemed to back upon themselves and I remember pursing my lips with the frustration of trying to keep even my thoughts from tangling up in them. I was about to turn to my Host and ask him about them when suddenly I realised that he had disappeared into

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 628
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12 responses to “TM #250 – Write page 57 of your 300-page autobiography.

  1. OOC

    It makes me want to read more! And I love the mention of the stone…I’m intrigued to learn more about it. 😀

    Oh, and I’m very tempted to do this prompt for Hsu, even though he’s not in TM.

    • Re: OOC

      Thank you! Well, I think that this would be a great prompt for him. I would steal it for WM if I thought I could get away with it, but I won’t do that. 😉 Still, it is a great prompt.

      As for the stone, yes, Azazeal knows a bit about it, and there was a FASCINATING chapter in R.J. Stewart’s book on the Living Word of Faery that actually talks about the Fall, the relationship with the Fae and the Fallen – and how it plays out and actually how Azazeal, Lucifer, et al are very, VERY necessary for the continuation of Creation, etc. It was pretty neat, and of course Faelyn is looking at me as if I am a clueless idiot for not knowing these things! *g*

      Of course the book is out of print and pretty expensive but I would happily share with you in email. 😉

      • Re: OOC

        Oh no, I wouldn’t want you to do that. It is great…he shall just have to be ‘sneaky’ and do one unofficially. Yes, it’s naughty, but I have a story I’ve been wanting to do that would just fit this.

        Hehheh…Azazeal gives me the same kind of look. He feels I should just know what that stone means. I would love to read that…if you wouldn’t mind emailing it. 🙂 I made some notes the other day from the library from the Dictionary of Angels as it refers to my resident demon, which I must type up.

        And Hsu wants to show Frances the icon he just got me to upload…for her.

      • Re: OOC

        I would love to read anything you write for Himself. 😉

        Heh, why does that not surprise me about Azazeal? *g* Well, the impression that Faelyn leaves me with, and she hasn’t said anything directly, of course – is that he knew she was coming. Faelyn rather fit into his plans, and he knew she would be an ally, albeit not always the easiest of ones, but certainly sympathetic / empathetic to him and his cause(s). Also, she is a bridge between the human and the Fae, yada yada.

        As for the icon, Frances (and I!) thinks it is uber HOTTTT! I do realize she is rather occupied with Azazeal atm, but I think she is leaning toward at least exploring / discussing more of hers and Hsu’s intimate dealings. And yes, I do know you are stretched thin fictionally. Just bear in mind, I am the messenger / scribe for Herself. 😉

      • Re: OOC

        I shall have to do it, then. *g*

        Because he is as egotistical and demanding as Faelyn? *g* Oh, definitely, he knew she was coming and that she would play a part. The fact that their alliance is sometimes a little strained just comes with the territory with him. *g*

        Hehehe…when I saw it, she (actually Honoria from “Attila”) looks enough like Frances there to pass for her, so he had to have it. Oh, well we can always make time for anything Frances wants to discuss in that vein. *g* And I understand the scribe thing…oh, do I understand!! 😀

      • Re: OOC

        I look forward to it! 🙂

        Oh, yes. You can definitely count on that! I think that they can be somewhat adversarial, but there are times when I think that even they are not quite certain when they are being confrontational or teasing each other. I personally think they like the tension a great deal, if you want to know the truth! *g*

        Oh, Frances is up for a good shagging with nearly any and all of your muses (especially Hsu and *cough* Azazeal – except for, of course, Stelios, whom is otherwise occupied with another of my muses. LOL! And Hsu is right, it does look very much like Frances. She has always thought he is/was possibly one of the top three sexiest men on the planet. I am sure the rest of the male population is just gong to have to knock themselves silly trying to figure out who the other two are. One of the others is Sebastien of course…so that leaves just one more….. 😉

      • Re: OOC

        Yeah, the trust is definitely not there between them, and just their natures…especially his…make for a cautious and somewhat antagonistic relationship. The fact that the line bewteen that and merely teasing is very fuzzy just makes it work better! Speaking for Azazeal, he definitely enjoys it! *g*

        Now, you have all my other muses (with the exception of Stelios who is quite relieved to be exempted, given where his affections lie) looking around and wondering. *g* And can I be blamed for letting the thought of Frances seducing Daniel suddenly pop into my head.

        Hmmm…now I wonder who that other one might be….? *g* I know…Athos! *hides*

      • Re: OOC

        Well, no they don’t entirely trust each other, but the get along OK. (For all of the use that is!) And of course, Faelyn enjoys it and Azazeal, too….but she will NEVER admit to it….though I am sure she is pretty transparent at times.

        Heheheh…bad Jaye!! *g* Frances gave me an “Absolutely NOT!” to both the idea of seducing Daniel and thinking of Athos in that way! 😉 She is the opposite of Hsu in that she prefers her men with dark hair. *g*

        EDIT: Rethinking this…what IF Frances did seduce Daniel? Or what if Jocelyn and he sort of fell together in a situation? *ponder*

  2. This is one of the best pieces of writing I’ve seen. I love how descriptive you are.

    You rock phonebook gal 😉

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