42.1 – Make a list of things you watch

1. The Fortunate Island
2. My People
3. all_forme – because he is my consort.
4. faedefrance
5. faery_ring *locked* and her developing relationship with immortalsparta *unlocked*
6. The Chateaux winery business
7. civ_barbarian and his interests
8. 1st_nephilim – because to turn my back on him is foolish in the extreme.
9. a_roman_w_power
10.her_own_sword to make sure she remembers what I taught her.
11.stereos_suck because I know he’s been watching me.
12. Ultimately for opportunities of Power, Profit or Pleasure – and not necessarily in that order.


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22 responses to “42.1 – Make a list of things you watch

  1. So meta and ooc fun

    That explains the spy-cam in my shower.

  2. Oh, I always remember. You should have seen me with that Marilyn Toscado traitor. You would have been very pleased.

  3. But you have such a lovely back. *smiles*

    • *looking at him and trying to resist cracking a smile* I should be very angry at you.

      • *tries his best angelic expression* Moi?

      • Oui…vous. Do not bother playing the innocent with me, Azazeal. I know that you have been talking to Jocelyn. She talks about you non-stop now. What did you bribe her with?

      • She’s a most charming little girl. Why would it be necessary to bribe her with anything? I just told her a story or two.

      • Yes, she is. She has quite a bit of glamour about her for one so young – and an iron will.

        A story or two? I hope you are not circumventing my instruction to her about the Sidhe, then.

      • She does that. She even told me, quite firmly, that she’s going to marry Hsu.

        I wouldn’t dream of it! No, just stories that any child her age would enjoy.

      • *stare* We shall see about that. Incorrigible child! Thinking she can marry her godfather! *exasperated sigh*

        What else did she tell you in amidst your ‘stories’ that any child might enjoy?

      • I wouldn’t worry much. It’s likely just a childhood crush. I thought it was amusing.

        Not much else. Oh, she intends to ask you if I can join you on your next visit to the Fortunate Island.

      • Yay! Azazeal! *excited smile* Bonjour! *turns her mother matter-of-factly* Bonjour, Maman.

        Yes, Maman! Please Please? It would be so much fun!

      • Bonjour, Joie-lyn.

        *gives Faelyn a look that says ‘do you really want to disappoint your child?*

      • *as if on cue she wraps her arms around Azazeal’s neck and gives him a squeeze* I’m glad you came. I was reading more about some of that story you told me. I think I have some new ones to share with you, too!

        *glancing back at her mother with an expectant look* You know he won’t cause any trouble and Azazeal and I will keep each other out of trouble while you are taking things back there.

      • *looking at both of them* I cannot very well fight you both, can I?

        *glaring at Azazeal leaning and murmuring into his ear so that only he can hear* If you so much as harm one hair on her head or, I might add, wreak the slightest amount of havoc on my island, I will make you wish you had never taught my ancestors about the Sidhe tridents. *pulling away she givs him a dazzling smile*

        Do we have an accord? *gives Azazeal a look that says, ‘do you really want to disappoint your newest little fan?’*

      • You could try me, but against her, I doubt it. *smirks*

        *listens, and when she’s finished gives her a dazzling smile in return* I shall be the very model of propriety, Madame.

        *looks down at Jocelyn and winks* Yes, we do.

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