Meme from Hsu Danmei (civ_barbarian )

I know this has been posted before, but here it is again. Drop me a line here, and I will tell you just exactly what I think of you. No holds barred, no screening of comments.


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19 responses to “Meme from Hsu Danmei (civ_barbarian )

    • The plus side is that you are strong, you are intelligent and a quick study. You are all heart and above it all, you are a survivor. I admire all of these things about you. Also that you are as staunchily loyal to Hsu as I am is a plus. I would not like to have to kill you if you ever betrayed him – and I would expect the same from you (or more likely, him) if I were to do the same. But I do not forsee either thing happening – ever.

      As far as the things that sometimes frustrate me, in particular, you sometimes fail to see how far you have come. You “go back to that old Kentucky Home” so to speak, and I want knock some sense into your head. I especially feel that way when you get more than a little melancholy for those ‘good old days’, when that background did you fewer favours than you realise. You are almost as stubborn as Sebastien, but thankfully he is very good at charming you into doing what you know in your heart of hearts is right. *wry smile*

      Actually, to be honest, there is little I would change about you if given the opportunity, for it would simply not be you. I will take you as you are, faults and all.

      • I don’t see either one of us ever betraying him. I know that I might make a mistake or fail him, but it would never be on purpose.

        I think I just get homesick for certain things there that are real and right to me. The food. The sense of community. Old fashioned things, I guess. And Sebastien is good at charming most people into most things. If he weren’t who he is, he could be a politician or a used car salesman. I swear, if that man said the sky was made out of orange Jello, I’d have to go out and check, because he could sell it.

        *beams* Thank you. Though I reckon there’s a few things that Himself would change, given the opportunity. But I imagine that’s part of my job in life, to keep him riled up, now and then. *winks*

      • I cannot see either of us doing any of those things – betraying or failure. It simply will not work that way. We would give our last breath for him, and well Hsu knows this. We would neither of us be in the positions we are without him being absolutely assured of that.

        We have a community between all of us, do we not? We are our own tribe, those of us around Hsu and who are allied against the Watchers. The entire de Rochefort estate and the village is a party to it. The community is there, Cody, Jean, and you do not have to look very far to find it. The food, yes, there is something to be said about southern fried chicken, but you must confess, Sebastien does make an incredible chocolate mousse. *smirk*

        His acumen in such matters is due to his years at the French Court. He actually was quite feared, and sought after – even when everyone in Europe knew he was Caridnal Richeleau’s very own enforcer and chief inquisitor. He much prefers to work behind the throne. Truth be told, Sebastien absolutely hates cars and refuses to have much to do with them if at all possible. I am betting, however, he could sell you any horse or falcon or motorcycle even if they were a poor, broken down excuse for one!

        There is absolutely no way on this earth to totally satisfy Himself, so you may as well stop knocking yourself out trying to do so! Even when he is displeased, there is something so very endearing about some of the faces he makes. If you watch closely, you can see the facade crack at times – but never tell him that you have seen it, of course!

  1. I probably know he answer but I’m curious.

    • We do not know each other well, as of yet. However, I am hoping to remedy this. From what I have observed of you so far is that you are more fierce than most men I know. And by that I mean that you are a fierce as an adversary and you are fierce in your protection of those whom you love. It oozes out of every pore of your body. Even in times of weakness, and the battles that you do with yourself, you still maintain that. If I were a child or spouse of yours, I should feel very protected.

      I have to confess that sometimes your fierce opinions take me aback and your bellowing can be a bit of a shock. But now that I am becoming more used to it, I realize it is you. Considering further, you and my husband have a great deal in common as far as your opinions and how you stubbornly cling to them.

      • We should remedy it. I get used to everyone seeing that first. I’m loud and brazen, I know. My life doesn’t allow for anything else. It never has.

        I don’t candy coat shit in pleasantries or for the benefit of others. Takes a lot of people off guard. You know though, the bad stuff shouldn’t be a compliment but you’ve made it one.

      • Yes we should. I suppose this might put us well on our way. *smiles* So what if you are loud and brazen? If that serves you, then I am certainly not one to judge you for it.

        *soft laugh* Well, you are not a diplomat, but I think you are aware of that. Sometimes the stark truth is what is needed in a situation, however. And my words were sincerely meant – and yes, they were intended as a compliment. I do not necessarily believe in good and bad as far as personality traits go – you are what you are and honestly, I prefer someone to be genuine rather than some falsely presnted pretense. Would you not agree?

      • Never know. I’m used to being judged. Harder dealing with people who don’t than those who do.

        Snake laughed. I’m a hell of a diplomat. I do live in a house full of women. It’s a requirement for survival at this point. Any woman compares you to a husband she’s kept faithful to has to be a compliment even if it’s that you snore and eat like a pig, hmmm?

        I’m not sure I care about what others show or not. I’ve gotten good over the years at tearing through false facades. It’s a dangerous game to play against me.

      • Why would it be harder to deal with those who do not judge you than those who would? *shrugging slightly* I see no reason to do so, and besides, what would I have to gain by it? Or you, in fact?

        I do not think I was quite referring to the necessary lifeskill that anyman must have when living in such an arrangement among so many women! *soft laugh* But come to think of it, the experience does count in the way of diplomacy, so I will qualify my previous statement – you do not strike me as someone who does de-escalation often. I would think that you are someone who is more resembling a match to a fuse Whether it is a short or long fuse depends greatly upon your current inclination. *smirks*

        People do broadcast who they are, do they not? Even if someone erects a carefully constructed masque to hide their true intentions, there is always a little something peaking through that reveals itself. I do not doubt for an instant that given your experiences that you are able to see through such things readily. I assure you that my comparison between yourself and my husband is a compliment. There are few in this world who have earned such deference from me, I still can count them upon one hand, even when including yourself. *grins*

      • It is always easier to deal with what you know and expect. Snake shrugged. I was just making a point sweetheart I never said you should.

        I was joking more than anything but I do have good diplomatic skills when I want to. It’s something you got to earn from me though. For the most part I got a slow boil though there are things that are like flicking a switch. Snake contemplated for a moment. Usually I get the rattlesnake analogy. Push once and you get warned second time you get bit.

        All it takes is watching. Even the most guarded people got a situation ot a moment when the facade isn’t as thick. Not too many I’d let critique me without a fight. Snake chuckled. I used to be able to claim that one handed shit but I got five kids now. Guess I can’t claim it anymore.

  2. You said you would reciprocate. *smirk*

    • *grins back at him* Yes, I did.

      Are you certain you are ready for such candor, my friend? Well, if you are not used to it by now, then you shall never be.

      I have known you the longest of anyone, and we were fast friends and we understood each other on levels that few others possibly could. We both appreciate the accoutrements of Power, it’s pursuits as well as the pleasure and the profit. Yes, I know…..I have them out of order. *smirks*

      I trust you implicitly. All you have ever had to do is ask of me anything – even if it was merely conveyed in a glance, and I would have given it without question. That level of trust I rarely extend. And even though you are brooding and cross at times, I accept those things about you. To me, you are like the great mountains of my homeland upon the Fortunate Island. The weather is unpredictable and at times harsh, but there is freedom and strength, lifem and death, and I would not trade knowing all of those aspects about either them or you.

      *softly* Other than Sebastien, you were the only man whom I have ever viewed as my absolute equal. And in the centuries that I was without him, you were closer to me than any other. You made those years bearable, Hsu. You have always been completely worthy of my trust and esteem. I respect you as a sovereign, a warlord, a man, the godfather of my children and as my dearest friend in all the world. I would stand back to back with you against all challengers in any conflict – as well you know. And I will do so again now, especially in this War that is coming.

      *locked* And because I could never give to you that one thing which you desired the most, Hsu, I gave to you mine. They are the closest, most precious thing that I could thnk of. I could entrust none other than you to raise my daughters should anything befall Sebastien and I. I have never regretted that decision. *unlocked*

      • I know that you will be there alongside me in any challenge I face, not least this War, and I am touched by that. I always have been. Aside from Snowman, there is no one that I trust more, and you know how heavily I weigh that. It was an honour to be there, be it in person or by letter if miles separated us, in those dark years of yours without Sebastien, and I’m glad I could in some way make them easier. As you say, if you or Sebastien ever have need of me, you know I will be there without hesitation. It was, and is, an honour that means so much to me to be.

        [locked]And you will never know how truly, deeply I am touched by that, Frances, even though I have complete confidence nothing with befall either you or your husband at all.

      • I know that you would be there if Sebastien or I ever needed you – and you have been – often. And the honour is a mutually held one, but we both know that. And those years were really centuries, but thank you for not reminding me of that. *smirks*

        *locked* I do have some inkling of your sentiments, my friend. And I know that ultimately we will win this war. *unlocked*

    • *soft laugh*

      Stelios of Sparta…

      Even though I have not the vantage point of having known you over the course of your lifetime, I do know your Queen Gorgo well and she has told me very much about you. You are one of the most impressive warriors I have ever heard of. That you are an Immortal is a relief to me – and I am certain it must be to Caroline as well. If she had come to care for a mortal, things would be very difficult indeed.

      I can see what my daughter sees in you. You do have a very nice smile, you are very well made, and you treat my daughter with deference and respect. You have a ready wit, you are not afraid to be silly if need be. You bear indignities with dignity, you have a great deal of discipline and self control, though I suspect you could be quite a nasty bastard if crossed the wrong way. Certainly Sebastien has been rather frustrated that he cannot seem to frighten you away from our daughter. I admire that in a man. Most would have crumpled under that sort of pressure – especially from him.

      Caroline is always smiling when she is with you – and you with her, so I do believe that your intentions toward her are sincere. If you are asking whether or not I approve of your relationship with my daughter – well, you were permitted to accompany her on her to the Tammys as well as other social functions that my husband attended. You have gone on tour with her and taken her to Greece with you – and your head seems to be still seems to be attached to your body. *grins* Did you honestly think that if I wanted to stand in the way of that, that I could not have stopped either of you if I had truly wanted to?

      Well….maybe I could not have. But still…..

      So yes, to answer to answer the unspoken question that is hiding in some dark corner of your mind, I do approve – of both you and your relationship with my daughter. My intercession on either of your behalves with my rather churlish husband should have been clear evidence of that.

      *wry grin* Is that what you wished to know? Or was there something else, perhaps?

      • Efcharisto, Comtesse…or do I say Majesty? I admit I’m not sure how I should address you.

        It is always interesting to hear exactly what someone thinks of you, and especially so when the person is mother to the woman I’ve come to care very deeply for. Your approval of Caroline and myself, and that of her father, in which I do thank you for all that you have helped to smooth the way for us with your husband. It is appreciated. Although, I’m certain that any man who would have been frightened away, would not have been worthy of your daughter. *smiles*

        If you had felt the need to stand in the way of us, my Spartan pride compels me to answer that I would, and will, stand my ground with her to my last breath. I take my laws seriously, and I do not surrender. *grins* and if I did lose my head in the process, I’m sure you would have then to deal with Caroline.

      • You are most welcome, Stelios. If you feel that you must be formal with forms of address to me, you may refer to me simply as Madame or better yet, Frances or even Faelyn. If you use the latter, as your Queen Gorgo does, then even my husband will know that you have my permission to do so. Further, there is not a single thing that he might say in protest. *half-smile*

        Any but a blind fool would see your sentiments for my daughter. And you are right, any man who would not have considered Caroline to be worth the challenge that Sebastien might have set up in front of him would not have been worthy of her at all. I am glad to see you met that challenge without flinching.

        *her look turns serious for a moment* And she would have stood her ground against her father or I or a thousand Sluagh if they tried to bar the way between yourselves.

        And you are absolutely right – I do not believe that anyone would want to deal with Caroline should anything untoward happen to you, least of all me – and I do not shrink from battle! I have never seen her stand so fiercely against anyone or anything than when she stands up to her father’s objections about her relationship with you.

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