TM # 234 – Olympic Games

If you could be in the Olympics (summer or winter), what event/sport would you want to do most? Why?

I have never been so into sports that I would necessarily want to compete in them. Indeed, the whole idea of taking up a sport, in my view is for the sheer enjoyment it provides, or the fact that some sports actually play into real life. If I had to pick one sport, it would have to be fencing.

The history books will not tell you, but women did have to learn how to defend themselves and I have had, on occasion, to be called upon to defend myself. My only issue with competing on an Olympic level would be the fact that there are so many rules to be applied to the art of fencing and swordplay if it is merely for sport. While there are rules of fairplay and certainly of form to the art, when you are fighting for your life, they are not so steadfast or restrictive.

While I am sure I could hold my own against anyone that you set against me at the Olympic Games, I cannot entirely ensure that I would not be tempted within the heat of the moment to actually deliver a truly killing blow. Then that really would put a damper on things, would it not?

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 196

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One response to “TM # 234 – Olympic Games

  1. Hmmm… this be an interesting question.

    For me… would be Dressage.
    I adore the equestrian sports and arts.
    Otherwise it would be fencing or rowing or sailing. 😉

    ~Lady B

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