Sadrang (Persian Poetry) by Amir Khosrow Dehalvi (13th Century)

by Niyaz

That my eyes never stray from your face
For this distance would make my heart weary
What use are eyes when you are veiled from my sight
What use are eyes in the darkness void of light
My heart bled a hundred colours of pain
A pallate filling your absence in each image before my eyes
My sight is the sole comfort as another dawn draws near
Burning the distance between us.


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5 responses to “Sadrang (Persian Poetry) by Amir Khosrow Dehalvi (13th Century)

  1. I don’t usually like poetry but I like that piece.

    • Excellent! I am glad you like it, Actually, I was posting this so I could use it for the prompts for tonight for a lyric prompt. The lead singer for Niyaz is the *amazing* Azam Ali, has some really nice stuff out. Alot of ot is Middle Eastern, but it’s more. Azam has done alot of work in films such as ‘300’, ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’, “Fight Club” and others as well as for the computer game, “Logan’s Shadow”. This particular song on the album is in Persian, so this the translation. πŸ™‚

      • Oh I love poetry. That was more Snake replying to Fanny. HEHEHEH. It really hit the muse on his sitting out on the fence of his pasture watching the sunrise in the morning and missing his wife. πŸ™‚

        Awesome. I will have to look up his stuff… and looks like I got a prompt to write tonight. HAHAHAH

      • Her stuff, actually! *g*

        Yay! We likes it when you have stuffage to write. πŸ™‚
        And this is probably the one that Fanny is going to use, or one of my other muses. A few of them are clamouring to do that one!

      • OOPs!

        Well I am already writing LOL. With the stubborn one prodding I might have to post it before I the prompts go up. He is ever so demanding.

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