From her_own_sword

1. You’re being extremely quiet, what does it mean? It means that I am thinking, probably. If I become very cold, quiet and methodical and quiet, that is when I am most dangerous.

2. If someone hit you, what would you do? I usually will meet someone blow for blow. Few have dared to raise their hands to me. And when Sebastien does, it is usually when we are exchanging blows…intimately speaking

3. Do you still have feelings for your ex? Ex….what? Ex lover? Ex Fiance? Yes. I do. Unfortunately, they are rather complex and I am still trying to work out what all that means. What I know that it does not mean is that he will ever be a wedge between Sebastien and myself.

4. Have you ever had a booty call? Only on Tortuga…

5. If so would you again? If I ever take up piracy again.

6. When was the last time you laughed? This morning, at Sebastien’s latest tirade against life in the21st Century.

7. Has anyone told you they missed you lately? Yes. And I told them I missed them as well. But I want Caroline to have a good time while she is in Greece and worry less about her father and I.

8. Are you wearing any clothes that don’t belong to you? No.

9. Would you ever date your best friend (of the opposite sex)? *laughing* I have – many times!

10. A missing question: Should I just make up one instead? *smirks*

11. Do you regret anything from your past? No…..well, the only thing I have feelings of regret over are letting go of my daughter Maeve four days after her birth in order to save us from Morgienne, and then saying ‘Yes’, when Athos asked me to be his wife. The latter would have saved a great deal of grief for many including myself.

12. If you could seek revenge on someone, would you? Of course. I have done it in the past and I never let a wrong go unanswered.

13. How do you react when people cry around you? That depends very greatly upon the person who is crying. Sometimes I just let them cry because they need that cathartic release. At other times I offer comfort or try to divert their mind off of what is making them cry. Sometimes just being with someone and listening or offering support is all that is needed.

14. Do you bump into someone’s arm if you want to hold their hand? *quizzical look* No. Why would I? I simply offer them my hand. Few would be so thick as to refuse it.

15. Last argument? Sebastien, over Marius and Sidhe Mead. Sebastien and Marius are what one might consider friends’ now, so I rather think that I won the argument.

16. Who is your best friend? Hsu Danmei. He has always been my best friend throughout most of my life. He is the godfather of my daughters, he delivered Caroline, saved my life and we have been through much together. Isabella is probably the most close friendship I have with another woman.

18. Are you jealous of this person? Of course not. I am not jealous of anyone over anything. That would imply that I am somehow dissatisfied with myself. I consider that notion absurd.

19. Would you ever strip for money? Pardon? I have all the money I need and I am not ashamed of my body. Why would I do it for money? Ridiculous question.

20. Do you like someone? I am fond of many.

23. What are you listening to? “Ishq – Love and the Veil” by Niyaz

24. Last Beverage? Masala chai made by my own hand.

25. Last nap? Under the mimosa tree in our private gardens this morning after yoga.

26. Do you own a planner? Yes. I have a book and a Blackberry.

27. Favorite season? Spring

28. Another missing question.

29. Would your parents be mad if you were in a inter-racial relationship? My mother is dead, and I do not care what my father thinks. To him I am in an inter-racial relationship being tied so closely to a human, whom by my Fae blood I have made immortal. What would be worse is that there are resultant children from that union.

30. Missing Question

31. What are you doing Saturday? I will probably be out hawking with Sebastien.

32. Sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you? Asked me to become the Comtesse de Rochefort

33. Friend that is most like you? Isabella

34. Missing question

35. Missing question

36. Favourite colour? Emerald Green.

37. Are you racist? I never have been.

38. Excited for anything? That Caroline seems to have found a man who struck her fancy, and it appears to be mutual. He is a good man, too.

39. Missing question

40. Would you ever steal someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend? I have been accused of it. Of course, I take what I want and I do not consider that stealing at all. Can it be considered stealing if a man goes to my bed of his own free will? I just consider it following the natural order of things.

41. Missing question

42. Last time you were confused? Trying to understand why questions were omitted from this survey. Apparently a previous taker was rather lazy.

43. Missing question

44. Missing question

45. Have you ever done something behind your best friend’s back and never told them? I am a Sovereign. I owe no one an explanation for anything that I choose to do. I have no need to tell anyone every intimate detail of my comings and goings….as is my right.

47. Rent a movie or go to movies? I prefer to stay in and watch them at home. I have more comfortable surroundings.

48. Been to Mico? Pardon?

49. Own a gun? Yes. And we own even more swords.

50. Missing question (lazy bastards!)

51. How old are you? 564

52. Do you wish you were older? There are times when Hsu or Marius, Ardeth or Stelios is talking and I can only imagine what life was like before the 15th century. A part of me would very much like to have seen the Fae lands before the Separation between the Worlds began.

53. Would you take a bullet for anyone? Yes. For Sebastien, my daughters and of course for Hsu. Actually on an as needed basis. It is not as if it could hurt me.

54. What’s one thing you want to accomplish in life? I have done it. I raised my husband from the Realm of the Dead. I then showed my son, David. He resurrected his progeny, one of whom I have come to care for a very great deal……At any rate, after that, everything else is easy by comparison.

55. Do you wish someone was with you? I am with someone or they are with me when it is time to be.

56. Done something today you shouldn’t have? No. Who would dare to presume to tell me what I ‘should’ or ‘should not’ do?

57. Do you hate anyone? That is a complex question. Hate blinds. I hated Morgienne. Morgienne is dead. I have many whom I do not care for, and those whom I view as a problem and a threat to our way of life. Like Hsu, I will insure that the Watchers do not make any more Immortal beings – regardless of origin or race – their slaves, or vermin for them to slaughter according to their whim. We shall win the war because it goes into that place that is beyond the blindness of hate. It is the cold calculation that make up the Art of War.This is a war that we most definitely will win.

58. Feel sorry for someone? Children who have no chance to break away from adult caregivers who do not do their job properly.

59. Do you think everything is your fault? Of course not.

60. How are you feeling right now? Annoyed that someone did something so incompletely when skipping those questions.

61. Missing question

62. Missing question (see what I mean?)

63. Are you single? No. However, my marriage is a bit more evolved than most.

64. Happy about that? What is there not to be happy about?

65. Missing question

66. Are you eating or drinking anything? Not at the moment.

67. Anything you always wear? My wedding ring.

68. Kissed anyone in the past 24 hours? Sebastien

69. Ever thought you were going to die? Yes. I begged Athos to take my life when he killed Sebastien. I almost thought he would, but instead he turned and walked away. I thought I would die of grief that day.

70. Do you like the way you look? Of course.

71. What should you be doing? Going over the export reports for the Château de Rochefort Wineries

72. Are you tired? Why would I be?

73. Are you doing this because you’re bored? I have no idea why I am doing this, since no one saw fit to send me a complete set of queries!

74. Needing to tell someone something important? Not particularly.

75. Planning on telling them? On a need to know basis.




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2 responses to “From her_own_sword

  1. So you truly were a pirate, Madame? Those clothes I found as a child – they were not for some costume ball as I’d presumed?

    • *long drawn out breath* Oh, Aye….*remembering herself and her audience* Oui. I had been imprisoned in Port Royal, and I was set free by a Captain that pressed me into service on his ship. We met up with a pirate ship and I was liberated once more. There came a chance for me to return home to my Island and so I did.

      *soft laugh* It is a part of my history that Monsieur is determined that I not discuss to often. And admittedly, it was a hard life that I was not fond of.

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