# 236 It’s your birthday! If anything were possible, what would be your perfect way to celebrate?

I have birthday celebrations aplenty on the Fortunate Island whenever that day comes. In the midst of the revelry and the dancing that goes on for days, it is almost a relief when the cacophony stops echoing off the mountains and the event fades into memory. It is the chance of my people to celebrate me; even though that isn’t something I find that is particularly necessary, or even desirable for others to do. Do I not do it enough myself?

The perfect way for me to celebrate my own birthday, if I were to place myself in a position where the anniversary of my birth (some nearly six hundred years ago!) where I was not feeling put out or upon, I should very much like to just spend in the company of someone I love, with a book by a fire or just enjoying the day. There would be no Courtly agendas, no deadlines to push forward, no anxieties or despair over whether or not that gifts given would be somehow pleasing or ‘enough’. I am constantly showered with gifts of material items. I would only ask for the gift of time spent just being.

People sometimes forget that smallest gift. We take it for granted in others and in ourselves, and yet it is the greatest thing that any of us have. For within those places, within all Seven Realms of Existence is held the greatest Power and profundity. In those places we find our own Immortality and interconnection with everyone and everything else. That realization is the greatest gift of all.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 264

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