For – 6.06.08

Author: Amarante, sunnotshadows
Fandom: Original Character
Prompt: 2.G -” Everyone has a talent”
Notes: Amarante is a brand new OC whose details are stunning. The voice of the character, an adolescent girl who comes of age in Occupied France is both believable and truly unique. Amarante has been asked by her Mistress and mentor to gaze into a scrying mirror and attempt to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. This writer never fails to strike awe into me.

Author: Conrad Ecklie (conrad_ecklie
Fandom: CSI: Las Vegas
Prompt: Surprise!
Notes: Ecklie is probably one of the best antagonist / protagonists on LJ. He offers the perspective that is more often than not directly opposite of that of Gil Grissom. Ecklie is awakened from a sound sleep by Grissom for news on a case. A really good insight into a man that few even bother to try to understand.

Author: Stelios Lakiotis (immortalsparta)
Fandom: ‘300’
Prompt: 39.5 – A Spartan Challenge – Write a ficlet where your muse has to escape or sneak out of a situation.
Notes: Stelios gives us a rare inside look at life in Sparta and how it is for the newly married and yet loyal Spartan Warrior. Rather amusing! 😉

Author: Dr. Who & Dr. Who (rude_not_ginger and clever_wanderer)
Fandom: Dr. Who
Prompt: Black & White
Notes: The Doctor playing Battleship and enjoying conversation with another doctor. Will they ever hit ANYTHING?! Very amusing and wonderfully detailed and true to form as usual. 🙂

Author: Danny Messer stillacrime
Fandom: CSI: New York
Prompt: 39.6 – Science
Notes: Danny follows the evidence and has to deal with a vey personal case. I like this one alot, in spite of being short.

Author: Isabel Giovani isabel_giovanni
Fandom: World of Darkness
Community: worldundersiege &
Prompt: 39.1.H – “This is the kind of thing you need to take seriously”
Notes:Isabel and the Giovanni family deal with the realities of WWII. A wonderful and unexpected place to find these muses.

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