– 5.30.08

Author: ambitious_woman
Fandom: Dr. Who / RPF
Prompt: Everything Passes
Link: http://ambitious-woman.livejournal.com/73897.html
Notes: Reinette has a beautiful descriptive style unlike anyone else’s. Her imagery is crisp and evocative and this one is quite beautiful in discussing Reinette’s inner thoughts and feelings about the Doctor and herself.

Author: dr_luka_kovac
Fandom: E.R.
Prompt: 37.4 – Motivations
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/writers_muses/201017.html
Notes: Dr. Luka Kovac is often a tragic figure, and this post shows in stark detail how a trigger issues from a past event can invade upon the present and cast aside all that a person believes in. It is very powerfully presented.

Author:zee_ali – Ziyah
Fandom: Higlander
Prompt: Face Down
Link: http://zee-ali.livejournal.com/4622.html
Notes: NC-17 – NSFW (languange/ violence/sex) As I mentioned in my commentary on the post, it takes a special writer with a skilled hand to write violence well. There is always too much of a temptation to either go overboard or not give enough detail. In spite of the fact that the muse’s death is described in horrific and vivid imagery, it is masterfully done. I highly recommend as a fabulous example of what to do right!

Author: all_forme
Fandom: Three Musketeers / Lost Boys / Highlander (crossover)
Prompt: 38.8.1 – “I am not completely without Mercy”
Link: http://all-forme.livejournal.com/19471.html
Notes: R – rated This is part of an ongoing project that many muns and muses are working on. I think that the post is tied beautifully and done in the descriptive and yet incredibly brutal style that is Captain Rochefort’s alone. Besides my partiality, it is a great piece of writing that deals with sensitive issues of war and it’s escalation.

Author: fryoutthefairy
Fandom: Velvet Goldmine
Prompt: Mouth to Mouth
Link: http://fryoutthefairy.livejournal.com/4749.html
Notes: R Leans a little toward NSFW – Curt Wild wakes up being given mouth to mouth by a complete stranger and what ensues is very interesting indeed. I love much of what this particular muse writes. It is so very in canon. I have found very few writers that write what I would consider to be decent slash. This is one of those authors that treats of m/m relationships sensually and sensitively without being too voyeuristic.

Author: paranoianblood
Fandom: Moonilight
Prompt: Naked Woman
Link: http://paranoiainblood.livejournal.com/25044.html
Notes: What does a vampire do when he comes home to a naked woman on his desk? A very humorous post!

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