WM – 38.8 – Letters – A Correspondence with Hsu Danmei (civ_barbarian)

Select a RP partner to write a series of letters back and forth with. Let your muse convey the events of a particular incident between the two of them . Don’t be afraid to explore all the places where such written correspondences can go.

OOC: This correspondence takes place in the mid-17th Century, immediately after the death of Faelyn’s husband, Monsieur le Comte de Rochefort, Sebastien all_forme

Dear Hsu:

Thank you very much for your letter of condolence and your generous and thoughtful gift. It was good to hear from you again and always, you know just the right things to say and the right things to send in order to coax a smile from me, even at the worst of times. As you must have gathered, I am still in France. I thought it best not to leave here so quickly, even though the Fortunate Island beckons to me, as it always does. There are a great many things within Sebastien’s estate which must be taken care of. You need not worry about me or the state his affairs were left in. I was quite amply provided for. Not that it would make much difference. I would have been in any case.

However, there was one small inevitability that I am writing to you about which neither my husband nor I had counted upon. If either of us had known, I doubt very sincerely that he would be found among the dead. I would, however, probably still be writing to you now as the situation demands it. It would seem that I am with child. My time will be sometime at the end of February or early March. And so I come now to my request, my dearest friend: I would be very much honoured if you would agree to be this child’s Godfather. I know of no one else in the world other than yourself to whom I would entrust my child should the worst, Goddess forbid, ever befall me. You alone would know that I would wish as far as knowledge and education that needed to be imparted to them. Of course, it will not be easy to bring this child into the world being myself widowed, but if I knew that you agreed to be her Godfather, I could rest that much easier in that knowledge. Please bring another smile of delight to my lips and contentment to my heart by saying, ‘Yes’.

Cardinal Mazarin sent condolences and a wonderous floral arrangement to Sebastien’s funeral. He is not nearly as flamboyant as Cardinal Richelieu was, but he does still have a great deal of power that he exercises, and so I have learned to stay out his way and plead that I am in deep mourning and have been absent at Court. Perhaps you and I could use that bit of time that we have for a visit away from prying eyes and catch up on old times.

Affectionately yours,

Frances de Rochefort
Comtesse de Rochefort, Rochefort France


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  1. Dear Frances,

    I have glad to hear that my letter and gift reached you safely and found you well for the circumstances. I will not dwell on it, but I want to tell you again just how good of a man I found Count Rochefort to be. I’m aware not many would necessarily say that of him, but not many would say that of me also. You know that I have no sense of the romantic, but I was glad to see you give your heart to such a man and saddened that he was taken from you so soon.

    The news that you are with child is surprising and wonderful. That she, I take it that you must somehow know her sex, will carry the legacy of her father will bring you great comfort over the years. And I can imagine you with a daughter far more than a son. Now as to your request. There are very few people who can manage to make me feel humbled. Indeed I would have said none, but you have, Frances. I will not only say a heartfelt ‘Yes’, but I do so with great pride and honour. I have adopted and raised many children in my life, but no one has ever asked me to stand as Godfather to theirs. Thank you, and you can rest assured that I will carry out the duties such an honour holds with my usual dedication.

    Indeed, I am glad to hear you are still in France for I’ve just returned to the Hague after spending several months with the Dutch fleet in their war against the English. Although I am set to return soon with more ships to reinforce the blockades of English ports. However, if you do not object, I will make sure I am back in France by the first day of March.

    Take good care of yourself, and do not overtax yourself in these coming months.

    Yours affectionately,

    Hsu Danmei
    Captain Hendrik Van Haag

    • Dear Hsu:

      Thank you for your return letter. Again, you brightened my day for it arrived on a very rainy afternoon. My servants tell me that they fear the winter will be a difficult one. We have a good store of food and the vineyards have been prepared as well as can be done. I hope that you are staying warm and out of harms way in all of this conflict. Yes, I know. What an outlandish idea for someone such as yourself. But surely you must know that it is my natural inclination to be concerned for you who are my friend. Should you have need of anything, or it is within my power to assist, please do not hesitate to call upon me.

      How amused Sebastien would have been if he were to have seen your words praising his ‘goodness’! Ironically, he had said the same of you recently. He was always grateful, I think, that you were in my life. Where most men would have been insanely motified if not outrightly jealous of their wives writing to a man such as you, my friend, Sebastien took it in stride. I think it was because of your reputation that he felt quite secure both when he was in your company or enrusting you with me. No, you are not prone to such sentiments of affection, I know. But you cannot know how grateful I am that you understood and continue to understand how deeply I loved my husband. Our people permit marriage only once, even when one is widowed. My dear friend, am I wrong to hold out any shard of hope that if there were some way within the Seven Realms of Existence to bring him back from the Realm of the dead that I would do so? Enough. I will not be morose within this correspondence any longer. You are one with whom I can be wholly myself and yet there is never any desire to be melancholy when I am in your presence. Perhaps it is because we are from another time you and I.

      Nothing in your letter, however, gave me greater delight than your acceptance of becoming my daughter’s Goodfather. And of course, you are right. I did know her sex. Our people have ways of determining these things, and I confess I was incredibly curious from the beginning. I did not want to influence your answer. I know how you feel about girls! I confess that I have not decided upon her name yet, but I am leaning toward naming her Caroline Elizabeth. What is your opinion?

      I must say that it is I who am humbled that you have accepted my request at being her Godfather. I well know of your adopted children and how you have been with them. And in a way that belies your being the fearsome man that you are, you are also the most admirable of father figures I can think of, Hsu. I feel completely safe knowing that you shall be there for my daughter when she had needs to look to a man as to what are things that are adimrable and important. In you, she shall have the best of examples. I know that her father would whoelheartedly agree with my assesment in this.

      Which brings me to another matter: Sebastien’s Andalusian stallion, the black one that you were so admiring of when you were here last. The horse was a gift to Sebastien from myself for our wedding anniversary. At any rate, since Sebastien’s death, the horse has grown idle and no one, not even his grooms, dare to ride him. He is a horse that needs a very strong hand and I have not the heart to sell him. Of course, if you were to say no, I would definitely understand. I just wanted to the animal go to someone who could appreciate him and meet him eye to eye, so to speak! You have always had a way with horses. I would ride him myself, but given my current state, I am aware that this would be most unwise. Given the generosity of your own gifts, please know that I am fully aware that this is less of my being generous and more of a plea for you to help me. You may well curse me to the heavens for imposing on you in this way. We may discuss it when you arrive and you can see him for yourself.

      I will have your suites prepared at the Chateau de Rochefort. Please let me know if you require anything and I shall see to it well before your arrival. The Gods cannot even begin to know how delighted I am at seeing you again. I give you my word, my friend, I shall see to my health and that of my daughter.


      Frances de Rochefort
      Comtess de Rochefort, Rochefort, France

      • Dear Frances,

        I have only a short time to write this letter, but I hope not to be too brief. Currently, I am in the English Channel off the Dover coast as part of the Dutch blockade, as I have been for several weeks. A ship arrived bringing us fresh supplies, and managing also to bring any letters, of which yours was one. Therefore, I must finish this letter before the ship leaves again if this has any hope of reaching you soon. I too believe that this winter will be uncommonly harsh, although England has forever been a miserable country no matter what time of year. However, I do feel that this blockade has done little to affect the discomfort of the English, and stuck out in the Channel, were are probably fairing the worst. As for harm, there has been little to be had, and what there has been did not last long enough for my tastes. You know you have no need to be concerned for me.

        I have very much found ‘goodness’ to be in the eye of the beholder. Once I ruled over many men, and I have no doubt that they saw me as good in many ways — the ways that mattered, at least. However, history painted a much different picture, showing me to be a great evil. I see Sebastien in much the same light. Like me, he was no saint and his enemies villified him — and to be certain, he was ruthless and cruel when needed, but to those he loved, and to those he called friend, he was a good man. Do not feel the need to apologize for your grief, especially to me. I will never have a love that you had with Rochefort, but even so, there are few others who can understand loss how it affects immortals of all kinds.

        I think that Caroline Elizabeth is a splendid name, and fitting for both sides of her family. True, that for me male children are more important to carry on the family name, but I know enough to know it does not work like that for the Fae, and even I will admit, that on their own girls can be more than bewitching, even at a very young age.

        Do not speak of yourself so harshly. You know that you can ask anything of me, and I will do the best to provide it. That said, this is truly generous of you, and I would dearly look forward to the opportunity of riding such a magnificent animal. Not being one for false modesty, as you know, I will say it. There truly isn’t a horse that I cannot ride. It is part of my heritage, after all. I would be greatly pleased to exercise him while I am with you.

        I must close this letter, if it is to sail with the supply ship, but you have my word that after midwinter, I will return to land and make my journey down to Rochefort. And I think, old friend, that the only two things I shall require will be a hot bath and your pleasant company.


        Hsu Danmei
        Captain Hendrik Van Haag.

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