WM Prompt 34.7. Mun Prompt: Which aspects of your muse are the most difficult to find?

I think one of the hardest things for me to do with Fanny is to write her in the third person. She has such a dominant and clear voice and has for so many years, that to tell very many of her stories in anything but first person sounds absolutely unnatural for her. For specific things, she has aloowed me to post for her in the third person. She sort of prefers that I not do that too often.

Also, for the longest time, I could not really write about any sort of intimate details between she and her husband. It was very odd, because it was the same way for the mun of all_forme, as well. We both can write erotica, but for whatever reason, these two, up until last summer, absolutely would not give us those details. I think it fits for his being very French, and very proper, and she tends to have the same sorts of attitude toward those sorts of things. Fanny will give you something when she is damned good and ready to give it to you, and not one bloody moment before. I have had people say to me, “Well, she is your character afterall. Can’t you you force her to do what you want?” I have to laugh at that because Fanny is not “my” character / muse”. She is based off of one of my ancestors and I am her scribe, but she is very much her own person with her own distinctive voice. Forcing her to do anything would be like trying to quite literally force a mule through the eye of a needle. It won’t happen. I can’t force her to play with anyone she doesn’t want to, either. I have had specific requests from other writers and muns only to have her write or roleplay with them, and when she turns up her nose and walks away, that’s it. Conversely, when she decides she sees something in another muse, and she is interested , Hell hath no fury, irresistible force or immoveable object that could possibly stand in her way. And she could like that person or muse for any reason she deems appropriate. I have little or no say in the matter whatsoever. To her I am the employee. I am along for the ride, so I need to simply shut up and drive to the destination that she gives me. And yes, I am very thankful she lets me drive at all, because under the dictionary definition of ‘control freak’, somewhere there must be a picture of my muse!

Fanny / Faelyn has a very specific way of doing things. She has particular tastes, personality quirks, preferences and inclinations. There are those who have either tried to write her into stories, thinking that they know what her voice is, when they really don’t understand her at all. A few prime examples are these. She won’t use contractions in sentences when she is writing. Fanny will also uses UK English specifically. I have had other writers that I partner with who give her dialogue in her posts and it is completely wrong for those two reasons mostly. Fanny is rarely silly, she is extremely formal and she tends to conduct herself as a diplomat. She is not a muse that gets angry over jealousy. She does not compete with other women. She honestly and truly believes that she does not need to. Putting her in a situation where she is required to be jealous or to “lose it” is very, very difficult. Loss of control is a breach of one of the Laws of Power that she has committed to memory. When you lose control, you quite simply in Fanny’s view, give away your Power (always spelled with a capital ‘P’), and she is NOT about to do that without a substantial bit of resistance.

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  1. I understand what you mean about her having specific ways of ‘speaking’. She has a very distinct voice that makes her instantly recognizable when I read anything she does.

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