OOC Thank you’s!

This scribe is a little stunned at having won Outstanding Writing of a Female Original Character for fannyfae and Outstanding Writing of a Female RPF/Historical Muse for nomanselizabeth. I, in all honesty, had not even expected either muse to make it to the finals let alone win. I am humbled and grateful for all those around me who have made my muse shine. Most specifically these people make me and my muse look very good. I would like to thank the muses and muns of all_forme, civ_barbarian, grissom_tm, allfor_one, a_roman_w_power, _call_me_snake_, little_immie, and so, so, SO many others that I cannot even begin to count or list with my pre-coffee mind.

Thank you for all who voted, thank you for all of your hard work and caring and most of all thank you for the precious gift of your friendship. You mean a very great deal to the muses and to me.


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8 responses to “OOC Thank you’s!

  1. **Big hugs to mun and the girls.** Snake and I thank you too.

  2. So many congrats! All your muses are amazing and the recognition is so very well deserved!

  3. Thank you for having such wonderful muses to read!

  4. Many congrats Graceful Lady, You SO deserve this! And that’s me AND my muse talking!

    • *HUGS* thank you sweetie! As I mentioned, it’s writers such as you who make me and my muse look fabulous! I cannot thank you enough for the joy you and Sebastien have brought me over these years. Your friendship has been the one constant that has helped me keep going. It means far more than I can ever possibly express.

      And I am glad Himself is speaking to you again! *g* He seems to go silent for a while but its never for too long.

  5. As always, these are rewards that are very well deserved for your character. From the very beginning when I was but a mere lurker in TM, you and your muse had never ceased to impress me. Keep going strong. You’re an inspiration.

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