ROTM 1.88 – mun prompt

What is your New Year’s resolution as the writer for this muse? Is there something that you want to explore with them this year? Look ahead at your muse’s 2008, and consider what you will do the same and differently.

I have been writing Fanny / Faelyn for a very long time now. In that period of time I found out alot of who she is, what her history is, what she is about, her likes and her dislikes, hopes and dreams and really what motivates her. That chief motivator, she claims, is always Power (with a capital ‘P’), but sometimes I think that it is love, too; though she is quite loath to admit it. Suffice it to say that when one writes a character who is Fae and essentially by virtue of that, an Immortal, there comes with that alot of freedom, but there there are also challenges. I can easily say that she has now got an established history and cannon in which both she and I, who really acts only as her scribe, are finally comfortable. She and I have agreed that she will spend a bit more of her time in 2008 exploring her childhood, her training, and history. Some of these memories, the Muse is well aware, will not be easy nor will they most likely be pleasant There are some dark things about herself that she is going to be forced to look at.

2007 has been a phenomenal year for Fanny as far as putting together the foundations of the others within her life that she has had a very long history with. Her deepest friendships as well as bitterest enemies, her loves, her anxieties and defeats as well as her triumphs have really come together. I am hoping to get to the backstories of alot of these things that make up who she is in 2008.

We both have had the pleasure of the company of all of the wonderful muns and muses with whom she interacts. Chief among these are civ_barbarian, the_countmc, allfor_one, grissom_tm, and last and certainly not least, all_forme. I know that there are many others with whom she has just started communicating with, and with whom both Fanny and I look forward to further interaction.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 358
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