10.7 Mun Prompt

Describe your muse from the point of view of several others external to them. How would their mother describe them? Their ex-boyfriend / girlfriend / lover / spouse? How about someone who is a good friend or an enemy?

Anne Boleyn – What greater testament can there be toward the love that the Good King Harry hath of me and God’s benevolent favour of our union than the ascension of our daughter, Elizabeth? In her, I am vindicated and expunged of all accusations of adultery, incest and witchcraft. God cannot raise up the progeny of the unjust, and so Elizabeth reigns. I wish only that I had more time with her, for she was but four when I lay my neck upon the executioner’s block. Elizabeth’s success are my revenge upon them all. Groigne qui groigne, ainsi sera. (“Grumble if you like – that’s how it’s going to be”).

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester – I have enjoyed being the favourite of Elizabeth for most of my life. A position that is not without certain advantage. Elizabeth and I were both imprisoned in the Tower of London at the same time. I remember how young and vulnerable she was. Both of us, our lives hanging precariously in the balance. Is there anything that can more fully turn two people to cling to each other than facing death every day for so long? I would die for my Elizabeth, my Queen And yes, I killed for her. I would do it again if I had the chance! Some say I did what I did out of sheer ambition, others say it was for more romantic imaginings and that Her Majesty never truly loved any man, myself included. I say that both opinions are wrong. We did love each other and it was none but Her face, above my deathbed. Ah, Bess……..we had our time didn’t we?

King Philip II of Spain – Even when I was King of both Spain and of England she was a heretic. But I could not bring myself to destroy her. Indeed, when my wife, Maria, was intent upon destroying her sister on the accusation of treason, I interceded on Elizabeth’s behalf. “She is but a child,” I said, “surely we could turn her toward the True Faith if given time.” My dear wife was not easy to convince, for indeed she accused me of wanting her half-sister for myself. I do confess, though no confessor within the Church ever heard of it, I did lust for my sister-in-law, but I never acted upon such. But to have looked upon her in lust, I suppose I had committed the sin within my heart. It was not until the imminent death of my wife was apparent, did I send word through my Ambassador to England of my interest. Elizabeth, to her credit, did not spurn me immediately as I would have expected her to do. For years she held my interest, even unto the days of the Armada. I wanted to see her before me, kneeling at my feet. I could grant her clemency. Come, let me embrace you, Elizabeth… Acknowledge me as you refused to acknowledge any man as lord and husband. Alas. It was not to be. I do believe that they are right. She is the spawn of Satan and a heretic, though I was loath to give up hope that she could be turned toward the Catholic religion.

Muse: Elizabeth I, Queen of England
Fandom: Historical / ‘Elizabeth’ / ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’
Word Count: 573
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