OOC: A Shameless Plug and an Invitation

For those of you who do not know, I am one of the moderators for a new muse / writer’s prompt community here on Livejournal called . The community is open to characters or muses of all fandoms, historical, real person fiction and of course original characters.

Each week we have a series of at least seven (7) different prompts to choose from. In these we always try to include a one word prompt, a mun or writer’s prompt that is aimed at the writer rather than the character and at least one, although sometimes three picture prompts. We the moderators wanted to give people more choices than what was normally available in other muse prompt communities. We felt this would be a draw for good writers and their muses whose talents, to put it nicely, have been rather fettered as of late. We believe that if someone has more, (and hopefully better thought out) choices of questions and prompts to answer, chances are they are going to be much happier and so are their readers. We want to provoke thought and we want to get deep inside the muse and find out what makes them tick. Obviously you were interested enough to pick them up and write them. The least we can do is to give you as many ways for you the writer to explore these possibilities.

Please consider this to be an open invitation to those writers and muses who are interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or to write me at fannyfae at gmail dot com.


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8 responses to “OOC: A Shameless Plug and an Invitation

  1. ooc

    Oh, dear Lord. Randy doesn’t shut up and he’s already in like, six communities. You had to tempt him, didn’t you? >.>

  2. Hi,

    I sent an application in about four days ago to the other email address given – should I resend it to you?

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