Prompt # 198 –

If you could have any mutant/super power which one would it be and what would you do with it? (If you already have a mutant power, what one would you trade it in for?)

What is a ‘mutant’? What is a ‘super power’? Are they powerful Princes? I do not understand the question. How can I trade for something if I have no idea what this thing is?

I am a Queen, and against all odds I have come to rule. However, be that as it may, that power, which is superb. I cannot trade. I must not. For it is for the good of England and Her People that I must continue as their Queen. Is it mental clarity and diplomacy that give one a super power? I would like to think that as my father’s daughter I have at least some of his – and my mother’s intelligence. I regret to say, that if I do not understand the question, then I cannot be expected to answer it.

Would that Walsingham were here. Perhaps he could explain what a mutant is or what a super power might be.

Muse: Elizabeth I
Fandom: RPF / ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Word Count: 155
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13 responses to “Prompt # 198 –

    • Oh, Snake! There you are! *smiles* Yes, please. What in the devil are they talking about?

      • Guess one at a time. Superpowers are shit people shouldn’t be able to do that some people can. Got different categories. Some people classify magic in this shit too but usually not. Shapeshifting, flying, fire manipulation that sort of thing. People over romanticize the shit. I got a few abilities some people think are supernatural powers but it’s a curse and just makes people want to cut you open and see how it all works.

      • What is it that you can do that people think are supernatural? I always admire your ability to make me laugh. *smile* Some of my Lords say that you have bewitched me. I just think you are more clever than most of them.

        So what is a mm…..mutant, then?

      • My ability to escape, to come back from when I should be dead. Few other things that might really be supernatural.

        That can be a few things. Someone who is either born or manipulated through medicine to have extraordinary abilities. Could be something like running faster than anyone can or something crazy like my friend who’s got metal claws.

  1. Another way to put ’em is that things that can be done that break the laws of nature, what’s normal for you guys. *shrugs*

    But that’s all science stuff. I think your understanding of power, super or not, is pretty spot on, Elizabeth.

    OOC: Nice answer to what would be a tricky question for Her Majesty. 😉

    • Why thank you, Gabriel.

      So….this ‘breaking the laws of nature’, as it were….this is not considered heresy, then? I know that in our quest to learn more of science and the world and our place within God’s Universe, we humans can get ahead of ourselves. Do these super powers and mutancies then give the holder a false sense of pride?

      Power is something that many obsess over. Everyone wants more of it and certainly never less of it, but there should be a balance, shouldn’t there? *sighing* Oh, Gabriel…I always relish visits from you, but you do rather make me have to stretch my mind in directions that it does not normally go.

      OOC: Oh, thank you! She saw the question and just sort of furrowed her brow and didn’t quite know what to say. I think sometimes with these questions, particularly for the historical muses, they can run a little bit more difficult for them to answer.

      • Heresy? *thinks about that* Hm. Maybe some people. But I think they’re the same people that would disdain the hand of heaven in their lives already. Same thing with pride– those who are going to be arrogant will find ways to be so whether they live as other men do or not. The ability to fly, or the ability to heal from grievous wounds, or to lift massive weights… I don’t think such things change what a person is like so much as make their own natures all the more obvious. I know some who use these… gifts… to do good, to help others. And others who use them to harm. *The angel shrugs* They are just tools, Elizabeth. Dependent on the hand that uses them.

        *laughs* There’s a saying I’ve heard; that those who most desire power are those least suited to wield it. Do you think that’s true?

        Oh? *smiles* Isn’t that a good thing, though? New thoughts?

        OOC: Just shows off the writer’s ability to handle a curveball. 😉

  2. *leans in doorway with a rueful chuckle*

    I assure you, Your Majesty, that in all of Europe there is no greater master of power, true power, than you.

    • *gives him a smile* Why how good of you to say so, my Lord.

      OOC: Elizabeth is very pleased to see Sir Walter around more. 🙂

      • *smile* You know I do not flatter, not with you. I merely state the obvious.

        Power weilded simply for personal gain is a fragile weapon, my Queen. You exert power for England, and for every last child who will grow here. Phillip would do well to reconsider his opponent.

        OOC: Have you seen the six minute preview on Yahoo movies? Oh, I love their friendship. It’s wonderful.

      • A little flattery would still not hurt, Raliegh!

        Phillip would bludgeon the whole of the world into submission if allowed to, and I simply will not allow him to!

        OOC: OMG! No! I haven’t! Does anyone have them to download onto an iPod!? I swear I about freak whenever they run the preview ad on network TV! I haven’t seen the movie but I am going to see it the day it opens! BTW, if you have AOL IM, I have the SN of nomanselizabth. I know you have seen the film and would love to chat with you more. 🙂

      • *laughs out loud* You are a beautiful woman, a graceful dancer and a horsewoman beyond compare. Still not flattery, Madam, only truths.

        And for that, Your Majesty, you are the mother of all England’s children. Generations of them will love you for your courage.

        OOC: It’s on the Yahoo main page, just click movies and then click to see and download clips from the film and the two trailers. They’re fantastic. The one trailer is quite long.

        I have to leave for dinner, but maybe later, if I can. 🙂

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