10 Most Influential People in Fanny Fae’s (Faelyn’s) Life

1. Comte Sebastien G. de Rochefort (husband)
2. Hsu Danmei (lifelong friend, godfather to Caroline de Rochefort, Immortal)
3. Moira McKay (mother)
4. Caroline de Rochefort (daughter)
5. Morgienne du Lauc (former High Lady of the Fortunate Island, foster mother, enemy)
6. Dr. Gil Grissom (friend, lover, criminalist and professional colleague)
7. Prince Itet (Prince of the Unseelie Fae, enemy)
8. King Nuada (King of the Seelie Fae)
9. Maeve MacKay (daughter, separated from her since birth)
10. Comte de la Ferre ( former fiance, Immortal)

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