If only this were real!

In my searches, I found this fake movie trailer for Grand Theft Auto – which is a takeoff of the game. It has a great list of stars, and if it were a film, I would seriously consider going to see it! Enjoy!


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14 responses to “If only this were real!

  1. 🙂 I know. My last semester of Art School they were just introducing video animation. I didn’t get to take the classes but I did play with the programs in the computer lab. XD

  2. Intense. Put that up in theatres and you’d totally fool people.

  3. Well, I doubt GTA will ever be a real movie unless Rockstar Games have a total change of heart. They’ve said more than a few times already that they aren’t keen on selling the film rights to the franchise – particularly with idiots like Uwe Boll and Paul Anderson out there (who have jointly given videogame movies a terrible reputation).

    Personally, the only videogame adaptation I’ve seen to date that sticks reasonably close to its origins is Christopher Gans’ “Silent Hill”. It’s not a brilliant film, but it IS pretty faithful to the original concept.

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