Mun Prompt: Is romantic love something that is important to your muse? Why or why not?

Fanny / Faelyn has few illusions of romantic love. I think early on in her life she figured that love, intimacy in particular, was a means to an end. Surely she has had men whom she was involved with, but few she developed attachments to. Being either a member of various Courts, or a visitor to them, it was a good way to stay safe. Romantic love is something that always struck the other person – she could extricate herself far easier if it was the other party that had the attachment than if she was the one who was in love. To her, for the longest time, romantic love, was considered very much a weakness.

Of course, when she met her husband, Monsieur le Comte de Rochefort, Sebastien, she was definitely not prepared. I don’t think she expected to have met anyone whom she could love, let alone met her match so completely in any one person. In that partcular relationship there definitely is a great deal of romance. I think probably more so because he is so undeniably and so maddeningly French that he cannot help but be! And she just eats it up! To her, with him, their romantic love is extremely important because that is how he is with her and how she is with him. Of course, being French, and so arrogantly proud of the fact that he is French, and with blood so blue it is almost black, I guess that would be the case! She, of course, eats that up as well.

Both of them are die-hard sensualists nearly to the extreme. However, when they are together, the whole spectrum of sensual delights takes absolute precedence with she and Sebastien. Most everyone else she does not have that level of patience for indulging such things. She tends to get bored and insist on the other person cutting to the chase, so to speak.  It is evident in the letters that they pen to each other, the ways that they speak to one another, the amount of time that each of them spends upon the seduction process. Absolutely every sense is brought into it, and not only experienced but they remember the smallest of details both of them because of the romantic nature of the exchange. When Sebastien was killed, it was devastating for her, and I don’t think she ever thought again about romantic love until she got involved much later with Gil Grissom. Like her, he had an eye for detail.

I think romantic love, or at least the aesthetic type of relationship where all of the senses for both partners are indulged is absolutely important to Fanny / Faelyn, because she is half-Fae and that it is part and parcel of who she is. It is important for her to notice all the little details, and while some might think of these things as romanticism, to her it is just the core of who she is.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 492

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