When you post something with plant products in it, you had damned well better be putting the botanical name in there along with the ‘common name’. If you don’t I am going to call you on it, I promise! And if I have to do your resarch *for* you….I am going to respect you even less.

This is what sets the pros apart from the wannabe amateurs!


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7 responses to “Fools…

  1. I believe it was Mark Twain that said ‘It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.’

    • I am sorry, Gil. Perhaps I am the one being the fool. I do not like lack of professionalism – not in my area of expertise.

      *sighing* Have you a recommendation, Dr. Grissom?

      • I’m afraid I do not suffer lack of professionalism well either.

        A recommendation for?

      • Have you a recommendation for dealing with those who are less than professional – or at the very least dealing with the stress of it. Nothing ever seems to rile you, Gil. I amire your even-ness.

      • And I admire you your temperment. Never lose that.

        You can give knowledge and then let them come to understand it on their own time. Knowledge and professionalism is not something that can be forced. It can be taught or emmulated over time.

      • Is that why I see so many of the new CSI’s all brass and brash and when they finally get a setback, they lift their eyes and see you….and Catherine, Warrick and even Greg, and start speaking far less and listening far more?

        You are a very wise man, Gil Grissom. I hope you know that you are appreciated.

  2. Agreed!

    I don’t have respect for those people either.

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