Write a Fan Letter

To my Dear Friend:

I realize that this letter may be quite unexpected. I am clearly not someone who writes fan letters to anyone.

The only other time I was tempted to do something similar was to write a letter to Empress Wu Chao of the Tang Dynasty. After all, she was born one of the worlds most treacherous Courts outside of the Realm of the Fae, rising from being a fifth tier concubine of one Emperor to later becoming Empress over the entire Empire itself. She was so ambitious, so determined to rise above her rivals and to sweep away all opposition that she smothered her own infant in order to accuse the Empress and supplant her. No doubt others were swept away by various means until she in the end became one of the greatest rulers in all of China’s history. She understood the law of Power that that sometimes one must destroy one’s enemies utterly if one wants to succeed.

But then I realized that there was someone nearer to me; someone who has been a friend to me for aeons, who was just as ruthless as Wu Chao, if not even more so. I am certain that you will think that I want something of you when I say that of all of those whom I have known in these four hundred odd years, you alone understood the Laws of Power as I have come to know them. Your motto, “Power, Profit, Pleasure in that order, ” certainly that very adage that you have oft quoted over those years must have had some influence upon my own motto, “All is fair in the pursuit of Power.” Whenever I have had need of advice, you have always given it to me unreservedly. I know that is something that you certainly would not want many to know about! Your secret will always be safe with me on that score!

In short, Hsu, much of what I learned about ruling I probably inadvertently picked up from you without realizing it. Indeed, your ruthlessness helped shore up my own. And whenever I have not been able to contact you, I have often asked myself, “What would Hsu do?” (WWHD) Nine times out of ten the problem is solved with beheading, evisceration or bankrupting an enemy. I cannot tell you how often, especially during various times of trouble that such a thought has come in quite handy! It definitely has saved my skin more than once!

I will close by saying that any knowledge of this letter both you and I can certainly disavow if you prefer. I know how you feel about such things. And if anyone were to ask me – I would insist that you were an insufferable, arrogant ass. But then I would quickly add, an insufferable, arrogant ass to whom I am quite proud to call my friend.



Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character/ Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 476
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OOC: Special thanks goes to the mun of civ_barbarian for the inspiration on this one. Fanny got to fangirl the two most ruthless people that she knows all in the same post. 😉


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2 responses to “Write a Fan Letter

  1. Anyone else, Frances, and I may well suspect them to be after some favour or something, but I know you would not pander to flattery to get that from me. You know all you would have to do was ask.

    I admit I never realized I had such an influence on you as insufferable and arrogant as I am. It’s been a pleasure to find someone who understands and appreciates what power is as much as I do.

    (OOC: He is secretly preening over this. Thank you! *g* And I am slowly getting around to both your email and rep.)

    • I would not ever deign to flatter you, Hsu. You have given me assistance whenever I have had need of it.I have rarely had cause for complaint – even in those times when I did not understand what it was you were trying to acheive.

      Yes. You have had that sort of influence, my friend. But surely you know that the laws of power dictate that my admiration and appreciation of you at times needed to be held close to the vest. Because we do both understand power, I do believe that it is far better not to fawn or to be too solicitous in one’s sentiments. I would say that is true even if that person happens to be a bit of a “mentor” as well as someone who is considered a friend.

      *smirks* It’s far better for you to be an insufferable and arrogant ass, than an ignorant prick. I’ve met my fair share of those – as I am sure you have as well.

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