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Not a surprise

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Write a Fan Letter

To my Dear Friend:

I realize that this letter may be quite unexpected. I am clearly not someone who writes fan letters to anyone.

The only other time I was tempted to do something similar was to write a letter to Empress Wu Chao of the Tang Dynasty. After all, she was born one of the worlds most treacherous Courts outside of the Realm of the Fae, rising from being a fifth tier concubine of one Emperor to later becoming Empress over the entire Empire itself. She was so ambitious, so determined to rise above her rivals and to sweep away all opposition that she smothered her own infant in order to accuse the Empress and supplant her. No doubt others were swept away by various means until she in the end became one of the greatest rulers in all of China’s history. She understood the law of Power that that sometimes one must destroy one’s enemies utterly if one wants to succeed.

But then I realized that there was someone nearer to me; someone who has been a friend to me for aeons, who was just as ruthless as Wu Chao, if not even more so. I am certain that you will think that I want something of you when I say that of all of those whom I have known in these four hundred odd years, you alone understood the Laws of Power as I have come to know them. Your motto, “Power, Profit, Pleasure in that order, ” certainly that very adage that you have oft quoted over those years must have had some influence upon my own motto, “All is fair in the pursuit of Power.” Whenever I have had need of advice, you have always given it to me unreservedly. I know that is something that you certainly would not want many to know about! Your secret will always be safe with me on that score!

In short, Hsu, much of what I learned about ruling I probably inadvertently picked up from you without realizing it. Indeed, your ruthlessness helped shore up my own. And whenever I have not been able to contact you, I have often asked myself, “What would Hsu do?” (WWHD) Nine times out of ten the problem is solved with beheading, evisceration or bankrupting an enemy. I cannot tell you how often, especially during various times of trouble that such a thought has come in quite handy! It definitely has saved my skin more than once!

I will close by saying that any knowledge of this letter both you and I can certainly disavow if you prefer. I know how you feel about such things. And if anyone were to ask me – I would insist that you were an insufferable, arrogant ass. But then I would quickly add, an insufferable, arrogant ass to whom I am quite proud to call my friend.



Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character/ Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 476
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OOC: Special thanks goes to the mun of civ_barbarian for the inspiration on this one. Fanny got to fangirl the two most ruthless people that she knows all in the same post. 😉


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1. Who was your first crush? His name was Fergus McInnes. He lived in my village with his grandmother. He had bright red hair and followed me everywhere when I visited my uncle. One day when I was gathering herbs to make a healing tonic, he snuck up on me and kissed me, knocking me down and spilling the roots that I had gathered all over the place! Then the stroppy little bastard ran away and didnae help me pick them back up again. Needless to say my ‘crush’ didnae last.

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I think I am introverted, though I find no problem striking up a conversation with nearly everyone. I tend to ask a great many questions, for that is how one finds out what you need to know.

3. What is your favorite non-sexual thing you like to do with the love of your life? Conversation. I love to talk to him. No matter what we are doing, we always find time to talk. I would have to say that one of my favourite things ever, is to have him talk me to sleep. Perhaps it is the quality of his voice that I find so soothing. Sometimes, however, the conversations we have are not at all verbal. A lot can be conveyed in a gaze or even a glance. In the years that Sebastien and I were together, we mastered all of those forms of communication, I think.

4. Name one quirky habit your partner does that either annoys you or makes you grin. He will let me go on about something, particularly when I am upset. He will sit with the eyebrow of one eye quirked upward, with what is possibly a look of seriousness or even mild amusement. When I am finished he continues the conversation as if my ranting were nothing more than a hiccup! I have found annoying in the past, but now I find myself greatly relieved that he does this. If he wanted to make me feel a fool, he very well could. But he doesn’t.

5. Do you believe in monogamous relationships? Yes, I do. Although I have always believed that most creatures are not monogamous by nature.

For myself, however, when I decide to be with someone, truly with them, and especially when there are oaths involved, then I am with that person alone. Though temptation inevitably will present itself, I will never betray that bond for the time once the commitment has been made. Only the weakest of beings would fall away from such commitments. Within that there must be a certain level of trust or it is all for naught.

I do not necessarily believe in marriage. There was something to the idea for us, the person whom I am with, that we needed neither a priestly edict or a piece of paper to ‘prove’ our love and commitment to each other. Indeed, I think that at any given time, neither myself or my lovers ever saw anything at all wrong with welcoming others to our bed for mutual acts of love and pleasure. This of course would be done with full knowledge between us and rather enjoyable when we were with each other at the time.

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If you could pick anyone in the world, alive or dead, to be your parents, who would it be and why?

I really have no desire to have any other mother than the one that I had. Moira MacKay was a good woman. Her only crime was innocence and inexperience in the ways of the world – particularly the world of the Fae and the way that things can often be. I don’t remember very much of my mother. She died when I was only four. But what I do remember of her is that she was very kind. I remember she used to sing to the plants and the trees. I never knew her to ever utter a single word in anger to anyone – especially not to me. Why would I wish for anyone else other than her? My only wish is that she had been my mother longer than she was.

My father, on the other hand, and I have spoken perhaps a handful of times. Though he is the one from whom I have achieved my Fae blood and the one to whom I should be ‘grateful’ for that singular favour, he has been uninvolved in my life. I have had few strong male figures in my life, but the one that comes to mind that could have been my father was my Uncle Angus McLeod, someone to whom I was only related to by marriage. He was monstrous to the child that I was. He was as large as a bear, barrel chested and burly. The man resembled a gnarled and wise old Scottish Oak that brooded and kept careful watch over all that he surveyed. I would badger him with questions about every subject under the sun. And I remember most vividly that he would pick me up and dust me off when I was the wee, awkward little lass who would chase ducks and chickens around the farmyard and trip over her own feet.

I didn’t get to see enough of him after Morgienne became my foster mother. I sometimes wish I had been left to my Scot’s kin rather than who I was, but then I would not be who I am now. When the armies of the English came to Dunlauden and during the battle burned our village to the ground, my Uncle Angus stood firm against them. He died doing what it was that he believed and that was defending our lands from those that would subjugate him. He never bent his knee nor his neck to any man, be he commoner or king. I never forgot that about him and still agree with him on that particular count. Perhaps in some way he did become as a father to me in the end.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 441
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