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Spare me your human guilt trip!

Obviously whomever wrote this quiz was not Unseelie; to say nothing of their grammar and spelling!


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What keeps you up at night?

hat keeps me up at night does not have anything to do with any sort of act that I have come to be ashamed of for having done. My loss of sleep will on more ocassions than not has more to do with matters of State, rather than the careful attentions of a lover. Would that I could actually be the hedonistic despot that I sometimes get accused of being.


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Protected: Summer Memory

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azim watched the me roll the gammon sticks between my hands. It is no great secret that my appetite for games of chance is insatiable and the games that I tend to play are swift and ruthless, especially in a match where speed and agression are everything. I set myself in concentration, my hair braided back from my face and woven with ropes of pearls and garnets. This was the fifteenth game that Kazim and I had played, and I had won all but three. Kazim settled back on the rich red and gold pillows as he watched, He was, without a doubt, the greatest player in my Kingdom and yet I had beaten him fairly each time that he had lost to me.

A woman who likes war games, Kazim often had told me, would always be a formidable opponent, both in and out of the bed.


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Tell the truth about something you usually lie about

have often said that for the Fae, lying is an anathema. Make no mistake. Anyone with the slightest bit of Fae blood running in their veins, whether it is Seelie or Unseelie, is capable of weaving truths so thin that they may as well be lies. I try never to lie, but then I am not wholly Fae. I carry human blood in my veins as well. Humans are by their very nature creatures of dishonesty and deceit. They cannot help it, really. If they do not lie outright, then they lie by omission. Perhaps that is where I have often fallen down on that particular issue.. Those lies that I tell by simply not saying anything at all are the ones that ultimately stand between myself and the Truth.

I have faced this dilemma more than once. It was the voice of one of my most trusted advisors, who is at times far wiser at the art of being a Prince than I, that reminded me that to withhold information is not a β€˜sin’. He went on to say that it is always necessary for diplomats to put their best foot forward and put their country or even themselves in the brightest possible light.

The truth is, that a Sovereign, a Prince, is nothing without those whom he or she rules. Certainly I believe that the merciful are oft taken advantage of. But again, the voice of reason reminds me gently that occasional acts of mercy can do well to endear you to the populace. And no matter what is said about the divine right of kings and queens; the country is created by the backs, and sweat and blood of the ones they rule over.

That is a truth that I will keep close to my heart but not repeat it too often, lest someone possibly think me less of a force to be reckoned with.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 318
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Muse and Mun would like to give a special thanks to all_forme for the inspiration. πŸ™‚


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