Do you tend to make friends easily? Why/why not?

”To have a good enemy, choose a friend. He knows where to strike.”
– Diane de Pttiers, 1499-1566, Mistress of Henri II of France

It all depends upon the situation, really. I find it easy to talk to people, and truly, there is nothing easier than to let someone talk about themselves. Most people are more than happy to oblige if given the opportunity to do so. Probing questions can give you all sorts of insights into someone and it makes you at least appear to be interested in them and in their lives. A tactful touch on the arm, a nod of empathy, and a listening ear all can do wonders toward breaking down barriers. I find it easy to get others to confide in me because I do ask questions, and even give rapt attention when it is required. But none of this by itself is really ‘true’ friendship.

I am quite judicious in choosing my friends. There are very few I let in far enough to know who I really am. When one is a sovereign, you have to be very good at wearing a vast array of masques and adjusting to your audience. Some sovereigns never bother, but if you are to have any privacy whatsoever you must become much more stringent upon whom you truly trust. I can count the actual number of people in my very long and immortal life on one hand whom I can truly call a friend. I think that is because of an experience I had many ears ago when I was very young. I had a friend and confidante that I let in. I shared intimate secrets with them, even the very dreams and desires of my own heart – only to be betrayed later on. I had to face that person on the field of battle and I was forced to destroy them. Along with them, I destroyed a little bit of myself. It was a difficult lesson that I never forgot.

I think I spend much more time in forming the bonds of friendship now than I ever did. It is not unusual to spend days, weeks, months or even years before the beginnings of friendship can take hold. There has to not only be the spark of rapport, but also a knowing on the deepest of levels that the friendship might endure the test of time, and circumstance. I think I am better at knowing what that is now.

More than anything else, friendship takes trust, and that is just something that I don’t give often or easily.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count 388 (count does not include quotation)
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28 responses to “Do you tend to make friends easily? Why/why not?

  1. Yet another point of commonality between us. The betrayal of someone so close is a hard, bitter lesson but once learned never forgotten.

    • Indeed. And I would imagine that neither one of us is very good at forgiving such transgressions, are we? Sometimes being a good sovereign or even a good friend has little if anything to do with being magnanimous as much as it does with being consistent about how we deal with betrayal.

      It’s good to see you again, Hsu. *smiles*

      • No. I think we are both as lacking in forgiveness as each other. Betrayal is the one crime that I deal with most swiftly and without hesitation, no matter the excuses the perpertrator might have. For those in our positions it cannot be tolerated.

        And you, Fanny. *sighs* I hope life has been treating one of us well.

      • No, forgiveness cannot be tolerated. If we did, we would not be who and what we are for very long. The world is overfull of those who prey upon the forgiving and the tolerant.

        My life is not exactly treating me well, but I have no reason for real complaint….yet. It does, as of late, have that feeling that something is about to explode within it. I am sure know that feeling well enough yourself. But you sound pensive, my Lord. What is it? Perhaps you and I do need to spend some time catching up.

        OOC: Fanny and I will be catching up on email today. I know that she really wants to interact with Hsu, so I think you and I just need to decide when they knew each other and run with it! 😉

      • The quiet before the storm? Yes, I do know that feeling, although right now I am in the middle of the storm. Do you know what it’s like to go from the highest high to the lowest low in a matter of moments? That sums up this past year.

        I’m not the best company now, but I suspect that won’t bother you.

        (OOC: Sure! *g*)

      • Yes, I do know what that is like. *scoffs softly as she is somewhat thoughtful* No matter how long we immortals live, even though we think we should have it all figured out, we struggle with some of the same things just the same as everyone else, hmm? It has its advantages and disadvantages to be sure, however….*she lets out a slow sigh*

        I don’t mind that you are not the best company right now. I never did. I am willing to sit here and listen, or just have either of us be silent if it would help. And then I would be more than happy to offer you a drink, too – that is if I knew what it was that was your present favourite.

      • However…*nods*…as different as we are from them, we’re not so different when it comes to feelings. And because of our long lives, some wounds cut deeper.

        No, I can’t talk of it yet, but a distracting conversation might help, and a drink is always good. Bourbon, no ice.

      • **locked to Hsu Danmei**

        Fanny rose from her seat and went over to a heavy, ancient table atop which is a silver tray with a decanter of bourbon and one of brandy, along with a few glasses. She poured what would amount to be a ‘double’ into one glass and a bit of brandy into a small snifter for herself.

        “Some wounds do cut deeper and take far longer to heal. But I wouldn’t think any such battle scars would slow you down, my friend,” she handsed him the bourbon and then resumed her seat opposite him on the couch, swirling and warming the brandy in the snifter that she cradled in the palm of her hand, “at least not long enough for your enemies or even anyone close to you to notice.”

        “However, I would like to at least try to take your mind off your troubles, and direct them toward something that is more suited to your particular talents, Hsu – at least in a business sense,” she was at last satisfied with the temperature of the brandy and took a sip of it, her gaze not leaving his, “when there is money and blood to be had in the same place, you tend to excel, I think.”

        OOC: Sorry for the duplicates. I was doing a virus scan in the middle of writing this and my PC was acting all wonky! :P~

      • Re: **locked to Hsu Danmei**

        Hsu took his glass with a nod of thanks and made himself just sip from it rather than take it down in a single mouthful. “No, they don’t slow me down. If anything, it’s helped rehone my reflexes and shaken me out of what was something of a complacency. A danger of the ease of living in this age.” He gave her a thin smile. “But I’m correcting that.”

        His eyes lighted with interest, his eyebrow raising slightly for her to continue. “I think you would be right. You know money has always been a great motivator for me, and blood…” his eyes became more intense and that thin smile became more of a smirk. “is an excellent way to focus the mind. What business do you have in mind?”

      • Re: **locked to Hsu Danmei**

        Fanny finally took a sip of her brandy before she answered him. She savoured the warmth of the liquid as the warmth grew inside of her.

        “You know one of my sidelines is a vinyard and winery in France near Paris”, she said, “I’ve recently come to find out that several cases of what was supposed to be stocked with wines from there were filled with various contraband weapons and small arms headed for various rogue states.”

        “While I am not certain who might be guilty of such a thing, I know that those crates when they left the Chateau were filled with wines, not weapons. While I am not opposed to a few off the books transactions of munitions for various causes, this touches on my reputation. I need to find out what’s going on and I know that you, shall we say, have dealt with such things before and have conacts. In short, Hsu, I need your help.”

        OOC: I am sorry I have been so scarce this last couple of weeks. Life has been insane. I have your last email and will probably finish answering it this weekend. I am anxious to get a storyline sorted out for these two. 🙂

      • Re: **locked to Hsu Danmei**

        Hsu nodded at the mention of her winery, remembering her mentioning of it in the past and, indeed, having possession of several examples of her wine. His eyes narrowed slightly at the mention of the firearms but he remained quiet until she had finished.

        “As you say, I’m not exactly unfamiliar with such business, and while compared with my own operations it seems rather small scale, it could just be the tip.” If there was a new player in the arms dealing community, he wanted to know about it. “I can have my men make certain inquiries, see what can be found out. Do you have any suspicions who the source might be?”

  2. Friendships hold the ability of becoming a double-edged sword. It arouses a sense of absolute, just as it makes you vulnerable. You understand that trust is the key to any friendship and that is why I felt I could always see eye to eye with you.

    I think it is only those who have felt the burn of treachery that will ever understand the true definition of what a friendship really means. That word seems to be tossed around so carelessly nowadays.

    • That is why I so rarely use the word “friend” to describe people who are in close proximity to me. *smiles*

      But you have earned that title, Athos. We do understand each other.

      • You have merited that title more than once, which is surprising considering my taste toward feminine company. *chuckles* I am grateful for that wind of change.

      • *lauging softly* Yes, I seem to remember you did eye me with a bit of suspcion and warriness. I suppose it is with good reason that you did. However, when you found out that I could not only dance a waltz, but could dance you a pretty dance with a sword….that changed things. 😉

  3. meta

    I shared intimate secrets with them, even the very dreams and desires of my own heart – only to be betrayed later on.

    I know this feeling all too well.

  4. I think whenever we are forced to face anyone in battle, a small part of our Soul dies. It’s far easier to destroy than to create, and yet my whole life I’ve had to do nothing but destroy.

    • That is a lovely sentiment, my Lady. Unfortunately, however, I cannot share it. Death is a part of life, and it has less to do with our souls than it does with basic instinct toward survival. There is a beauty in destruction, Lady. It is like the Great Dark Mother Goddess that has to strip away that which is no longer needed, or what is diseased and unhealthy. If a wound is gangrenous, you cut away the festered flesh so that the person themselves survives. Life cannot continue without the necessary cycle. *smiles*

      • There is truth in what you say. The Blood here had become so tainted that I had to cleanse it myself, and kill the ones who would do harm to both my family and to all the Realms as well. Life has continued now, yet there are times when I still remember the senseless acts of violence, the murder of the kindred, or worse…

        I enjoy creating new things, or healing those who need it. I choose to kill and destroy when it must be done and the blood debt requires a payment.

      • Senseless acts of violence are tainting. But most acts of violence, if you live according to what your own conscience dictatates alone, have meaning, signifcance….a reason. I don’t think there was ever a time where I took the life of another when I didn’t feel there was some need. To let them live would often have meant my death or the death of those around me, And as soveriegn, survival is necessary not only for myself, but for my people and my Nation as well.

        Creating is an inborn desire…a necessity, gifted to us by whatever Creator or overall Consciousness you choose to view it as. Many don’t realize that it is also as necessary as breathing. But I suspect that you know that.

      • I think I understand you better than it appears, despite our talks in circles. Although, perhaps you could give me advice sometime on love. I’m still trying my best to become adjusted to being married. It’s an odd concept, even though I know Daemon loves me dearly.

        I don’t regret the ones I’ve had to kill to protect the people I love, to protect my territories, or to even protect all of the Blood. But there are times when I wish that I could simply be Jaenelle, and not a Queen. Not Witch. Have you ever had that thought?

      • Talks in circles are something that we as sovereigns are trained to do. *smile* Good on you for noticing.

        I am not certain how good my advice on love would actually be, Lady. I have loved many men well enough. I have even taken the select to be my husband.More than anything else there must be communication and the underlying idea that neither party ‘owns’ the other. When people start to act as if, or assume that they hold ownership of that person, their thoughts, actions, etc. it becomes quite dangerous to both parties. Love is a wonderful thing. Let yourself revel in it, cherish it, nurture it where you can – but hold on to each other as a falconer holds on to his falcon. Both are wild, free things that can go off at any given moment, but it is the mutual trust that keeps the relationship working.

        It is very hard to seperate being a sovereign or spiritual leader from the person. Those who know us best, and who hold and cherish us the most, would know us for who we truly are. It is not always easy to know who those people are. The times when that is available are moments…fleeting moments; but when you do find them, that solace offered is a most treasured place of respite.

        Does this answer your question? Am I still being to vague?

      • Yes, I suppose it answers it. Your face reminds me of Surreal, for some reason.

        I think also that love can assist one who is a leader, depending upon the individual who is in love with… well, does that make sense to you? Daemon, as my Consort, was immensely helpful to me in matters where I needed a strong male to do horrible things in order for the Blood to survive. Yet he did it not for the Blood, but for me.

        Have you experienced that, Queen? Forgive me, but I’m uncertain how to address you.

        I must say that I’m quite jealous of your long-lived days, though!

      • Perhaps it is Surreal that resembles me, hmm?

        Even sovereigns need to know that there is love for them somewhere. Not just love from their subjects or the adoring masses, but from that one person who is a confidante, to whom you might entrust at least some of your secrets.

        You may call me Faelyn, or Fanny whichever you prefer. Yes, *small smile* I have had a ‘consort’ that knew me better than anyone and he would draw blood upon nothing more than my word or even a displeased glance. Rest assured I loved him well….and love him still.

        You need not be jealous of my long lived days. Life, whether you are immortal or not, is a gift. We need to live each day of our lives as if it were our last – because it very well may be. What I cannot stand is to see those who are complacent, whether they be Human, Fae or Immortal. The greatest disservice one can do to oneself, to life itself is to be apathetic.

      • Actually, you have a very good point there.

        Faelyn, then. It suits you, I think.

        Oh, I don’t know anyone other than yourself who is immortal. But Daemon, my father, and my brother all come from the long-lived races. Daemon is centuries old, but as simply Jaenelle? I’m 25. Witch, of course, is ageless, but that’s another matter.

        I agree with you there. *sigh* How do you manage to live like that, though? I suppose it’s easier for you since you’ve lived and seen more than I have.

      • Well, then…we must keep company a while longer. I have many friends who are themselves immortal of one kind or another. There is Athos and Duncan, Ardeth, Jareth, and many others…but I suspect you will meet them in time. I have heard of this Daemon. He seems an interesting sort. 25 is a good age, you are well into your own by then and yet still learning yourself, yes?

        I manage to live just by simply doing. You’ll learn to do it, too, if you give yourself half a chance, Lady.

        So tell me about yourself, since we are spending time getting to know one another.

      • You’ve heard of Daemon? Oh… I’m sorry. I’m afraid his reputation always preceds him, and usually for a very good reason. He’s not a man to deal with lightly, although many have made that mistake before and died.

        Of course, if you choose to call him “interesting”, I would adore to be there when he hears that word used. The look on his face would be priceless!

        Athos, Ardeth… you know quite a few long-lived peoples, Faelyn! 25 is an age. Nothing more, nothing less. Although for a girl, it is an eternity. That’s quite another story; how long I had to wait for my husband and vice-versa. But if you really have the time and desire for more, I’d be happy to tell you, Sister.

        Let’s see… I was 12 when I first met Daemon, and he was already over 1,700 years old. I was Witch, the Living Myth, Dreams Made Flesh, but inside the body of a girl. Jaenelle Angelline. My mother and my grandmother were cruel, my sister was scared, the males in my family treated females as a bother. I was in and out of a place known as Briarwood…(There is no cure for Briarwood. Briarwood is the pretty poison.)… for as long as I can recall. Horrible things were done to young girls there by “uncles”, but Daemon tried to help me escape. He was lost to The Twisted Kingdom for his efforts, and I was at last adopted by Papa as I rested in a coma, waiting for my Soul to return since I had plunged into the abyss too deeply within myself.

        There’s more, of course, to any story, but I assume that that is enough of a start!

        OOC: OMG, I swear I replied to this!

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